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Updated Beta (1.01)
7 de Abril de 2013 - hipshot

Here is the updated beta of Hammerwatch (v. 1.01) with changes spanning over all areas of the game. The beta is still restricted to Act 1 but it should play faster and better than the previous one, both in SP and MP modes. Read the list of all major changes below!

Download link: *removed see new update*

Updates since last version:

Game play and Design:

  • Money is not shared with other players when spent anymore. To see how much money players have, press the map button (default tab).
  • Costs and money drops have been tweaked for a more individual balance. Skilled players should feel spending money on damage is more rewarding, players not so good would be wise to spend a little more on health and armor upgrades.

Difficulty level:
  • The game should now be easier. Some people think the game is too easy - while some find it to be too hard. We are trying to balance things for the entire game and we felt that the first act could be played faster for a more enjoyable experience. Later on, when we add difficult levels to choose from, player could pick a level that suits them better.

  • Exploring is added to the game. The map is revealed as you travel, should be much easier to see where you been and not.
  • Enemies are also added to the map, they are represented by red squares.
  • Icons and such have been looked over and some have been changed, it should now be much easier to see vendors and what vendor that is, exits and such.

Controller functionality:
  • Added a direction restriction (8 angles), to make it easier to hit with ranged characters with a controller (could be turned off in the settings).

Walk speed:
  • Start speed of the player is now slightly faster.
  • Added a "rest speed" feature. When not in combat, player speed will increase slowly over time, should improve backtracking if so needed. When entering combat the player is slowed down to his default speed again.

Combo vendor/skill:
  • Our new kill-combo skill is now in the game. The combo system is a way to give the player a boost when killing 10 enemies in a rapid succession. When this boost is triggered, the player will run faster and hit harder. This skill can also be upgraded with a self healing and a magic nova that shoots out from the body of the hero. The time required between every kill is pretty tight at start but this can also be upgraded to make it easier to trigger. The new vendor is located at Floor 1 and Floor 2 and is indicated by a star.

Potion vendor:
  • On the boss level, you will now be able to purchase potions and extra life. This will obviously not be cheap!

Another vitality vendor:
  • Placed another vitality skill on floor 3, she allows the hero to purchase another level of health and mana upgrades.

Ranger and dodge:
  • The ranger can now buy a skill called dodge in the defense store (floor 3), it gives him a 10% chance to avoid a hit if a enemy strikes him (and hits). When this happens, the character will turn black for a short while to indicate the dodge.


Bugs and such:
  • Downloading openAL is no longer required since it's been build into the game.
  • Performance should have increased a lot, people with slower computers would benefit mostly from this.
  • Many bugs have been fixed.


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50 comentários
Boomstick_Raccoon 1 Jun, 2013 às 5:50 
how do I download it??
Its all in your head 31 Mai, 2013 às 13:07 
Wow, great job with the game. Would really love this to be on steam :)
GolldenFalcon 30 Mai, 2013 às 8:02 
This is great, but I have no idea how to co-op. How do you join a game, or host one? I tried and can't seem to figure out what my hostname is, nor my cousin's, whom I tried to co-op with. I gave him my IP, and my computer name. He did the same. Didn't work. I joined fine by myself, but can't co-op. Help plz?
PipTheCuteDemo 30 Mai, 2013 às 5:16 
there is no saving in the demo.
NoTrumpets 30 Mai, 2013 às 4:34 
I can't save
dq_3 29 Mai, 2013 às 21:12 
with mono on the mac it still wont work
11Jacob11 29 Mai, 2013 às 20:50 
I try to run it and then it imediatly crashes
ottomated 29 Mai, 2013 às 20:04 
It says the zip file is 'invalid', and windows cannot open the folder; not sure if this is a bug, or a problem with my computer
Chizu 29 Mai, 2013 às 15:23 
Downloading openAL is no longer required since it's been build into the game.

Its still telling me its missing and to download it.
Hardock Fidos 29 Mai, 2013 às 14:59 
never mind