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Drox Operative
Drox patch 1.025
24 de setembro de 2013 - Soldak Entertainment

Since the last official patch, the patch mostly just fixes a bunch of minor issues.

1.025 change list:

  • fixed planet name not changing correctly when a quest transfers from one planet to another
  • fixed not seeing repair discount on Dryad planets
  • increased Drox Guild guest rate by 25% in medium and 50% in heavy involvement (IotA)
  • increased chip spawn rate from 2.0 to 2.5 (IotA)
  • increased Marine spawn rate from 0.4 to 0.8 (IotA)
  • increased start alliance rewards by a lot (Steve) (IotA)
  • initialize currentSection in OpenALDriver::decodeOggData now (might not change anything, but safer)
  • changed queuedBuffers to numQueuedBuffers in some places to make more readable
  • added a sound warning - "Sound buffer still queued even after stopped"
  • made oggRead a little safer by verifying read position is not negative
  • added some asserts to sound code to catch any problems quicker
  • made a few more sound things safer
  • clamp Mac to 64 sources better now
  • now handle running out of sound buffers better
  • now handle sounds that don't start playing better (clear things better)
  • updated Inno installer (will hopefully fix some minor Win7 annoyances) (alstein)
  • Drox alliance quest now has a level min of 10 (Steve) (IotA)
  • fixed passive weapon components comparing to one another
  • weapon speed components now compare better (ScrObot)
  • race system control is now guaranteed data over the network (Professor Paul1290)
  • should now get credit from races for a kill when using a marine (Crusender) (IotA)
  • now save win state better (Yindo)
  • doing rebel quests (rebellion and cival war) now decreases relations with parent race (Bluddy)
  • no longer give activations quest if you have already discovered half or more of the gates (Steve) (IotA)
  • fixed a potential projAdditionalDir crash
  • added CenterX as a TextAlignment option
  • when highlighting retraining minus icons highlight text now shows up out of the way (ScrObot)
  • now races on select other race menu are centered (ScrObot)
  • fixed a capitalization issue with Dynamic Voltage Scaler (ScrObot)
  • fixed Multi-Frequency Shields spelling (ScrObot)