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Drox Operative
Drox patch 1.018
14. elokuu, 2013 - Soldak Entertainment

Since the last official patch, the patch adds more space station quests (IotA), makes monster space stations more unique (IotA), fixes some race balance issues, and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

1.018 change list:

  • added destroy X enemy stations war quest (IotA)
  • added destroy specific station war quest (IotA)
  • added destroy specific building station war quest (IotA)
  • now monster space stations go through building stages (IotA)
  • split monster space stations into missile, beam, ballastics, and fighter versions (IotA)
  • increased chances of station quests (IotA)
  • if a race solves a quest they no longer get weak race or long distance bonuses (leader reinforcement issue)
  • Shadow now have a penalty on credits and minerals production to balance their stealth
  • races now only get half reward for completing quests for other races
  • now clear enemies better on a newly colonized planet (Tuidjy/CaptainWinky)
  • fixed races sending more than 1 bounty hunter at a time (ScrObot)
  • now if a race splits into 2, the new race gets credits depending on percentage of planets taken
  • can no longer get orders to kill and save the same race (Steve)
  • fixed conflicting alliance/war Drox orders (Cardinal Ape) (IotA)
  • added marine usage to marine text (Steve) (IotA)
  • no longer show last galaxy in galaxy list twice (IotA)
  • now old galaxies are listed in a way that is more obvious what they are (IotA)
  • using consumables on NPCs now checks player's level instead of NPC's (Tuidjy)
  • can no longer try to increase durability of unbreakable components (Yindo)
  • population growth should now handle small numbers better (Tuidjy)
  • now value structure repair/armor repair on scavenger components (IotA)
  • scavenger components now compare better (Steve) (IotA)
  • fixed not showing correct race specific slots when looking at another player's inventory (Cardinal Ape)
  • mineable asteroids now rotate some
  • can now have more than 1 monster space station quest at a time (IotA)
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 21
  • decreased selection size for monster space stations (IotA)
  • fixed Doom Missile localization (ScrObot) (IotA)

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2 kommenttia
Gattsu25 21.8.2013 kello 16.10 
Yeah, this game not being automatically let on steam (the dev has previously publish on steam!) is a crime.
Deakul 15.8.2013 kello 10.40 
Time to hold someone in charge of the Greenlighting hostage until this gets greenlit.