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Project Temporality
25 maj, 2014 - DefrostGames
Not sure anyone still gets to this page but just wanted to make an update :)

2 april, 2014 - DefrostGames

So we are inching closer to our big release, after shaking out some rare bugs on the desura release it's time to go for the rest of the world including steam. But now before we make our final preparations we thought it would be a good idea to ask you who have favorited our game what you think we should do.

The subject for today is trailers. First out here is our gone gold trailer. which is what you see directly at the frontpage.

We were quite happy with this one we got a good vibe of it being a commercial in the beginning and then som story time in the end while showing some gameplay. But the problem always remains that a games that happens mostely in the players head is hard to show to the the players.

So our idea is to ask you who follows us,who probabely know a lot more about the game than the general public. What would you want to see to get excited what do you think we can do better with the old trailer and what should we think about with our new one ?

So this is your chance tell us what went wrong and what we can do better :)

Defrost Team

10 mars, 2014 - DefrostGames

So first out we are having a 20% of sale at Desura [] so this is a great opportunity to grab Project Temporality early and cheap :) ( we will find a way to get a steam key for all the people who gets a desura key and wants one for steam too)

Now lets talk about Project Temporalityon steam and what we are going to do to make the steam verision integrate as well as possible. Well obviosuly there are gonna be achivements some progress based,some exploration base (so you can get all of the story) and some performance based so all yoou out there who thinks 3 stars are to easy get another step of challenge :)

We are going to do leaderboards for the diferent levels so you can compete in finding the most economic solutions ot the puzzles. I am looking forward to see our solutions get trounced on by the community :)

And we are of course going to do trading cards. Basically if anything is standard on steam we will do it :) And thats why it will take us a few weels to get the steam release ready and out.

Best wishes and thanks for following us
Defrost Team

4 mars, 2014 - DefrostGames

So I went her to post the great news that we have just gone gold and that the game is available at preorder on Desura [] with a 20% discount(btw everyone who preorders there will of course get a steam key later on). We also were going to tell you about our new Trailer which we just launched today and was gonna upload here showcasing all the progress we have made in the last 9 months since the indiegogo trailer. But instead all I saw was the big sign that we have been greenlit hanging in front of me.

It's hard to describe how happy a day this is for us booth shipping this title which we have been working on for almost 4 years thats over 10% of my life and a lot higher for some on the team. And then get this greenlight information on the same day. You guys and girls here has been amazing in voting for us and we are incredibly grateful for every one who has helped us get this opportunity and I promise that we won't disapoint you. We won't rush this game out on steam directly we will instead take the time to make a proper steam works integration so that it's a true Steam game and not just a quick port cause you guys deserve the best.

20 februari, 2014 - DefrostGames

So after the last batch we reached place 15 we just need a little bit more of a push to make it this time!

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