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Galactic Arms Race
28 мая 2014 - Astral Projection

Patch released May 27 includes:

- reduced size of install
- adjusted the way achievements are calculated so if anyone "missed" an achievement due to a bug, it can now be completed (e.g. you completed "10 Geonoid Kills" but not "1 Geonoid Kills")
- adjusted jump gate glow effect
- fixed a couple of achievements that displayed the "Fix-Me" texture

The game is currently ready to release except for a pricing bug in the store that we inadvertenly stumbled upon. Awaiting Valve to address the issue then the game will be live, finally. ;)

15 мая 2014 - Astral Projection

New release candidate patch scheduled for May 17 includes:

- upgraded Steam installer to address XNA not auto-installing on some clients, you may see a "1st time setup" message even if game is already installed
- upgraded Jump Gate graphics
- background star fields more dense
- fixed bug with a Megalith Scan mission
- 2 new zone intro music tracks
- 2 new ambient background music tracks
- fixed some typos
- fixed some UI text not aligning correctly at certain screen resolutions
- fixed Geonoid Kill achievements requiring wrong number of kills

Also, introducing the GAR Bug Bounty™:

- if you find a new verified bug in the game, you get 2 Steam Product Codes to sell, trade, give away, or whatever
- report bugs in the Steam forum or by emailing gar@eecs.ucf.edu
- first to report the bug gets the bounty

17 апреля 2014 - Astral Projection

Our release candidate patch is scheduled to go live on April 23rd and will contain the following updates:

- fixed squadron member levels not updating in UI portraits
- squadron member portraits indicate if member is in another star system
- station shield effects show up on UI portraits
- some minor chase camera adjustments
- FPS counter moved so the radar and scan window don't cover it
- pressing enter key in the Options Menu while changing monitor resolution no longer initiates chat during multiplayer
- vortex damage radius larger
- opening context menus no longer hides system radar or scan window
- pirate and xindo stations have more defenses
- stations have more health
- slightly reduced nebula gas cloud brightness

13 апреля 2014 - Astral Projection

Upcoming beta update scheduled for 15 April:

- fixed squadron invite issues in new UI
- moved game graphics and audio settings file off steam cloud because it caused problems for players who switch PCs often
- player status bars (shield, armor, hull, XP) broken into 10 ticks for better visibility
- 3D unit portraits are back on the UI
- new ship scanner functionality to get detailed information on the selected object (default is X key)
- new station shield graphics
- colliding with the shield of a hostile station causes massive damage
- new missions
- fixed typos
- added some missing tooltips
- buy ships and install mods screens now display player credits
- references to ship weapon array more consistent (no more 'weapon 0' on UI)
- some new sound effects and zone intro music
- fixed Nebula Wisp spawning areas to make it easier to complete the related missions
- target reticle now shows correctly when Scan Screen or Local System Radar is up

27 марта 2014 - Astral Projection

- fix for black screen on start up on Windows 8
- added some UI elements that were inadvertently left out (e.g. the reset mods button)
- misc UI tweaks

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