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Freedom Planet
22. März 2013 - GalaxyTrail

Ladies and gentlemen, we've revamped enough of Dragon Valley's tileset to throw together a mockup for you. Check it out!

(If your browser resizes the image, click here[i46.tinypic.com] to view it on a different page.)

The parallax background has remained unchanged so far, but we would only really need to touch up the front-most layers. In any case, we are quite satisfied with the work of our pixel artists and we're grateful to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it possible to hire them.

It's going to be another month or two before our sprite artist is able to start working on redrawing the characters and enemies. After that's done, we'll focus on giving makeovers to Dragon Valley and Shang Mu Dojo and then release a vastly improved version of the demo to the public.


20. März 2013 - GalaxyTrail

Need a place to talk to people about the game, but don't feel like leaving Steam or making accounts elsewhere? Here's our new group page:


15. März 2013 - GalaxyTrail

You may have noticed that our thumbnail for the game is different now[gashi-gashi.deviantart.com]. We've commissioned a talented game artist to help us pump out some cool Japanese-styled artwork. We also feel that we've been giving the heroines way too much attention, so over the next few weeks, we're going to put more focus on the villains and give them the spotlight they deserve!


The reason we've focused so much on the three female protagonists is because there hasn't been much else to focus on, but development marches forward! The game's story is shaping up very nicely, and we're finally ready to start illustrating the villains and supporting characters along with some of the more exotic locations in the world of Avalice. So, we'll be able to share more content with you soon!

In addition to box art and graphic design, we are now actively working with our sprite artists. Once we have enough artwork cleaned up, we'll post mockups to make sure that we're going in the right direction for our fans and backers. Afterall, your generosity made it possible for us to hire artists in the first place! Suffice to say, you'll start to see some major graphical changes within a few months.

Our thanks goes out once again to everyone who upvoted us and continues to support us!

16. Februar 2013 - GalaxyTrail

We are happy to announce that our PayPal donation service is now live! If you couldn't pledge through Kickstarter or if you missed our deadline, you can instead do it through our new PayPal business account.

Click one of the links below to pledge money using PayPal!

No pledge reward (Donate any amount you wish)[www.paypal.com]

$10 pledge reward (Full game + Steam key upon release)[www.paypal.com]

$20 pledge reward (Full game + Steam key + soundtrack upon release)[www.paypal.com]

We will send PayPal donors a Thank You message through email along with high-resolution images, a Minecraft skin of Spade, and MP3 files of all of the songs in the demo version. Then, once the game is complete, we will send you your pledge rewards along with the rest of our Kickstarter backers.

These are the only pledge rewards we have setup so far, for several reasons. We want our original backers to be our #1 priority, so we will focus on fulfilling our promises to them first before we put any more work on our shoulders. Once we are confident that we can handle the workload, then we may include our other pledge rewards in the future in limited quantities.

It's been suggested that current backers be able to "upgrade" their pledge through this system. It sounds like a decent idea, but we'll hold off on it for now until we're more familiar with PayPal's business plans. Until then, hold onto your wallets. ;)

14. Februar 2013 - GalaxyTrail

We're simply floored at the amount of support we've received this past month. Not only have we reached more than twelve times our asking amount, but the project has exploded in popularity. From interviews to articles, YouTube videos to fanart, it's safe to say that Freedom Planet has the makings of an awesome fanbase! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

If you'd like to view some personal Thank Yous from members of our voice acting team, check out our Kickstarter post here!

Anyway, here is a rundown of our budget based on how much we have earned:

Total: 25k

Software tools: 2k
Additional programming: 2k
Art commissions: 2k
Animated cutscenes: 7k
Pixel art: 8k (split between two artists)
Emergency funds: 4k

Software tools involve purchasing all of the assets that we outlined in our initial $2,000 budget, including various exporters, a subscription to Soundsnap, and additional programming if necessary.

Additional programming? We'll probably need it, especially if we want to ensure full compatibility with game controllers and a reliable updating service.

For art commissions, we'll seek out artists both talented and popular to draw artwork for the game, both to help promote the game itself and to give us something to fill the digital artbook with. In addition, we will also try to hire one specific artist to take care of all of our official artwork that will be used on our website and as the game's "box art", should our cutscene animator be unable to do this.

Animated cutscenes are still being worked out, but we've been swapping emails with a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design. We'll have some of her example work available as soon as possible, but from the looks of things, she'll be able to help us make some awesome cutscenes in the style of a western Saturday-morning cartoon, with a touch of anime thrown in for good measure.

For pixel art, we have selected Matwek based on your personal votes in our previous update. We did not receive enough submissions for a sprite artist to make a voting system practical, so we'll go with our personal choice, Argyle. The graphical revamp will begin later down the road when the majority of the game's art assets are complete.

Emergency funds will cover the Kickstarter and Amazon fees for transferring the money to our bank account, as well as giving us a little extra in case issues arise.

We're eager to get off our soapbox and put away the megaphone so that we can put 100% of our efforts into making this game. Thank you again!

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