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Freedom Planet
Widescreen, Mac and Linux Demos In The Works
23 gennaio 2013 - GalaxyTrail

This has been quite a crazy week for us in a good way! We've been taking time to listen to some of the constructive feedback our fans have been giving, and we're continuing to improve the gameplay in a variety of ways.

For starters, the game will now feature widescreen by default, in addition to a redesigned HUD that makes better use of the extra space. Fullscreen will still be an option, of course.

In addition, we've significantly increased the speed at which the Energy meter fills up. For Lilac, this means she can perform a Dragon Boost every 4 seconds or so instead of having to run back and forth to build it up. In addition, using the boost while running on the ground will now carry her across the surface instead of bouncing her against it, making it a great way to reach full speed without the use of slopes.

These changes and more will be featured in the next version of the demo, which should be coming in a few months. We are actively working with developers of the Anaconda runtime and hope to get Mac and Linux demos ready by this time as well.

Right on!

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21 commenti
GalaxyTrail 31 gen 2013, ore 6:00 
KingLazy - The game will have its own achievement system, and we would definitely like to link it to Steam's achievement system if we can.
76561198058857035 30 gen 2013, ore 20:19 
Any plans on Steam achievements per say?
Ultrawave Productions 30 gen 2013, ore 3:32 
The dragon boost every 4 seconds?
Don't think that's a bit too quick? Perhaps 15-20 seconds?
GalaxyTrail 28 gen 2013, ore 23:57 
Well, it depends on what options you have. :) If you can invite them to a place that has a Windows PC, you'd be able to show them no problem. There's also the option of grabbing a PC emulator for Mac, although performance tends to be a bit slow with those.
Plom510 28 gen 2013, ore 23:15 
I want to show this game to some friends of mine, but sadly, they won't be able to experience the game yet since they have Macs. I would want to wait until a Mac demo is available before I can show them this awesome game, but I think I should tell them about it sooner. What would you suggest?
GalaxyTrail 28 gen 2013, ore 3:07 
Taliek - No problem! We have a few ideas about how we want to completely redo the end boss in Dragon Valley, because at this point I don't really feel like it's up to par with the bosses that appear later in the game. That, and the boulder chase has numerous issues which only a redesign would reliably fix.
Taliek Nara Shyna 27 gen 2013, ore 22:54 
That... would solve any previous concerns I had about Lilac being the "superior character" between the two... ty for taking the time to answer my question...
I hate to ask again since you took the time to respond to my question, but this place seems to be as good as any...
Will the Dragon Valley Boss get a bit tougher? After taking out the sections in it's body, it's rather easy to simply camp next to the left-most hole and smack his head when he comes out...
(Side note: You can build enough momentum during this fight to roll perpetually... not game breaking but hillarious... only a projectile from the boss will stop you...)
GalaxyTrail 26 gen 2013, ore 1:14 
Taliek - We bumped up the meter speed for the explorers, because people who wanted to reach high places with Lilac were getting frustrated by having to wait for the meter to refill if they missed their mark.

Also, I think you just gave us a good idea! Maybe we can have the energy meter give Bike Carol a burst of speed so she doesn't have to spend extra time accelerating. Thanks!
Taliek Nara Shyna 25 gen 2013, ore 20:13 
This REALLY sounds overkill to me... I could get very close times between playing Lilac and Carol if I exploited Carol's bike to every extent I could think of, while I could breeze through with Lilac using an occasional Dragon Dash to skip certain segments to save more time... I know you're probably trying harder to get a seperate, fun experience rather than make sure Carol can keep pace with a character obviously made for speed... but faster meter seems a tad too crazy... especially since Lilac's meter charges fast enough if you've got a good run going or are collecting gems(?). Nevermind the massive momentum she builds up after using it and near invincibility... Sticking to the ground sounds fantastic though, imo...
Anyhoo, I absolutly love this game, and look forward to the finished product as well as the future of Galaxy Trail.
P.S. Will meter affect Carol's bike in any way in the future?
Zzzzzx 24 gen 2013, ore 18:06 
I liked the old HUD, but this one makes the HP more noticeable; when I first played the game the amount of lives, time, crystals, and keystones made sense (after a little bit of playing), but I died once before I knew what the health bar was.