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ACE Online
May 16, 2013 - Suba Games

Hello everyone,

We have completed scheduled maintenance for ACE Online this week. In particular, some back-end updates have been performed which should not affect your game experience.

There are few changes to announce this time, as nobody decided to take Akron and transfer this week (boo!).

We do not have an update ready this time, however, we are hoping for a new patch to be brought to us next week. Although we do not have confirmation that the Arena and Infinity Field will be back online next week, we are working hard on solving the problems and we are hopeful they will be resolved shortly.

What's happening behind the scenes that you can look forward to in the coming months?

  • Contour system improvements!
  • Cash shop overhaul!
  • New maps and events involving the dastardly NGC faction!
  • Bug fixes and tweaks!
We are still talking with the developers about a number of game balance related changes, and you guys will be the first to hear of it when we have news.

Last, leader applications should be kicking into gear right around this time, so what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Have a great week, and be sure to log in this weekend in order to take advantage of the bonus item drops, experience and War Points!

May 9, 2013 - Suba Games

Hello all,

Today we've got a brand-spanking-new update ready for you today! Patch notes below:

  • 11 new country flag marks added to the War Point Shop!
  • Compass fonts updated and added an arrow to make it easier to see which direction is North.
  • Decimal places will no longer display in CPU display stats, unless there is an actual decimal number.
  • Fixed a bug related to A-GEAR standard weapon overheat.
  • Fixed a bug where a tooltip inside the joystick menu was not displaying properly.
  • Fixed a bug with the cash shop would not always scroll to the bottom correctly.
  • Fixed a minor chat room bug.
On top of that, the Mileage Shop has been updated! Now you can grab all sorts of much-requested items, from Enchant Chance +15% cards, to rare event weapons! Check it out here:

Unfortunately, the arena server is currently still down, but our team is coordinating with the developers to solve the problem as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in this matter. This weekend you can enjoy a 3x bonus on earned War Points, in addition to the usual extra item drop rates!

Last, we'd like to apologize for the delays in getting this update out. There were unforseen difficulties that required some extra work on our part. You can log in at 6:25 today and receive an extra special "5:25 +1" bonus!

Thanks for your support everybody, and have a great week!

May 2, 2013 - Suba Games

Hello guys and dolls,

Maintenance for this week is finished, finished, finished. We've got a round of game-related changes:

  • ANI leadership claimed by ThunderCats - Kaveman deferred leadership to _Sofy_
  • BCU leadership claimed by CredzHoSociety - BobDaBuilder is your new overlord
  • TurkiyeOttomanEmpire brigade has been sent to BCU
  • Leader election for next month has been scheduled
We have an update scheduled for next week which will introduce some fixes, as well as bring you the much-requested additional Mark items for several countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, and more. If all goes well in testing we'll be releasing it on the 9th of May.

Last, a bit of bad news: the arena server, as some of you may have noticed, is currently experiencing difficulties, which have been preventing some players from accessing it. For the time being, the Arena and Infinity Field will be offline. Rest assured that we are working on getting it back up and running as soon as possible. As compensation, we've added bonus War Point gain this weekend, so be sure to make the most of it!

That's all for today everyone. Have a great weekend!

April 29, 2013 - Suba Games

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the Mileage Point Shop is back online and ready to go.

The item selection is a little scarce right now, but expect to see it fill out in the next 1-2 weeks as we take on community suggestions! We'll keep you in the loop!

April 18, 2013 - Suba Games

Greetings and salutations!

This week brings a whole bevy of changes thanks to the developers as well as community feedback.

First of all, based on popular demand, the Happy Hour during weekends has been extended to include Friday afternoons, for players in different time zones or those who get off work early. You can look forward to getting bonus XP and drop rates from 3:00 PM server time onwards into the weekend.

Second, we got rid of the troll-face Suba Slime in the world ranking and replaced it with a more fitting Canadian flag. Sorry kids.

Last, but not least, Masang Soft have provided us with a very extensive update. Although this is only a maintenance patch and doesn't come with any new features, I am very impressed with the number of changes and fixes. These run the range from community-reported problems, to things the Suba Games team noticed on their own, to server-side improvements, to simple usability tweaks.

The change log:

- Tweak: Word wrap has been implemented; text will now wrap correctly in various menus such as the Cash Shop and various other NPC shops
- Tweak: Chat filter has been redone and will no longer censor words incorrectly (such as "assistant" showing as "***istant")
- Tweak: Level 110 players can now use Killmarks to receive War Points (but won't get XP)
- Tweak: "Move to Mission Map" button can now only be used inside BCU/ANI cities
- Tweak: Added USA Flag Mark to the WP Shop
- Tweak: When using a Character Change Card, the character change interface now appears over the inventory window instead of underneath
- Tweak: Items dropped by GMs now have shorter delay time before players can pick them up (event-related improvement)
- Tweak: Improved Mothership buff tooltip
- Tweak: Removed warp to Bark City for the Turning Point mission

- Localization: Fixed incorrect NGC GEAR names
- Localization: Renamed NGC Transport Ship to NGC Mothership
- Localization: Renamed contour contest contours to have more appealing titles
- Localization: Many fixes and changes made to item names for formatting consistency and length
- Localization: Small fixes to quest dialogue
- Localization: Map names are now color-coded
- Localization: Infinity Field description text should now display correctly

- Fixed bug when more than 6 players was able to enter Infinity Field
- Fixed bug where Arena/Infinity Field messages would sometimes show twice in the System Messages window
- Fixed bug allowing player to stay inside Hidden Place and Distorted Place using resurrection items; players will now be setn back to the previous map
- (Hopefully) Fixed a rare issue on Watermelon Island which could cause the map to display as if brightness/contrast settings were cranked
- Fixed mission window 'X' button being blocked by radar interface with 1024x768 resolution
- Fixed Evo Type PETs over-using SP recovery items
- Fixed bug inside Infinity Field 1 which made the player unable to fire weapons
- Fixed bug that could cause item tooltips to display incorrect information
- Fixed display bug with brigade names that were too long
- Back-end updates for security, stability and administration

Thanks for all your feedback and help in getting this patch made everyone, I know it was a few weeks in the making but I think you'll agree the results are worth it. And this list isn't counting in detail the number of improvements made that make our jobs easier over here. :)

Regarding the balance tweaks and new items I've been discussing, well, we'll have to wait for the devs to get back to us, but I'm hopeful that we'll see these improvements in the future.

Game on!

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