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ACE Online
Maintenance Update 20/6/2013
June 20, 2013 - Suba Games

Hey all,

This week, we've had something of an upheaval as several sub-leaders have been removed on leader request by both ANI and BCU leaders. Who's going to fill their places? Only time will tell...

We've made some changes this week to ACE's server configuration. In addition to some behind-the-scenes "spring cleaning" we've also done some things that you'll notice in-game:

  • Increased level range on normal XP bonus to level 91
  • Tweaked weekend XP, item drop and War Point bonuses
  • Added some upcoming event items to the system
  • Updated in-game auto-messages for better clarity and added some additional ones providing game info to players
Akron nation transfers are currently going to be halted for the time being. Due to recent exploits centered around Akron, we'll be looking into ways to provide similar nation transfer functionality while preserving the same positive effect on game balance we have observed over the last few months. Thanks to all our players for taking part in this experiment!

While some nation imbalance is going to remain due to individual players, brigrades, time zones and so on always changing, we are observing far, far better balanced nations at this time based on our statistics and in-game indicators like NCP and Strategic Point wins/losses.

We have also been discussing a few things relating to the enchant system and legend system. We have put in a request with Masang Soft to change enchants so that, when an enchant fails and an enchant protect card is not used, the item does not break (but all enchants are lost). We feel this is a more fair solution than the current setup and is more fitting given the current state of the game's item and equipment requirements. As for the legend stuff, well, we're still trying to come up with a way to make it more rewarding or useful - not necessarily buffing legended item stats, but making legending more reliable and less destructive.

We have a new patch scheduled for next week, which will include the elusive gift feature we've requested. We're still in discussion about a number of changes and don't yet have the full change list in the update, but you guys will learn of it soon enough!

Have a great weekend everyone, and game on!