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ACE Online
Maintenance Update 6/6/2013
6 giugno 2013 - Suba Games

Good afternoon everyone!

Scheduled maintenance for June 6th, 2013 has been completed. This week we've got two things of note: new nation leaders, and a small patch.

First, please welcome your new glorious overlords! May they bring a thousand generations of darkness/warfare/eternal happiness.

  • ANI: alkol
  • BCU: _Seiman_
Today's patch also has some small localization updates. You'll notice that contour names are now easier to tell apart when they are equipped on your armor (i.e. "Watermelon" now says "Watermelon Veil/Guarder/etc.") and the missing name and description for the Arena's ammo box has been filled in. There are a few other changes here and there too, just little things our team may have noticed.

We're expecting a more substantial fixes/changes patch next week, this one was just a little update we could sneak in.

I want to reiterate that we'll be re-addressing the changes made to NGC Marine Lab. I know some players are not satisfied with what was done (and some of those changes were done without our input). We're in discussion with the developers to tweak things to reach a better compromise that draws a line between players who want to grind legitimately, and those who are using exploits and abuses.

Last, I want to apologize for the inconvenience caused by changing the event earlier this week. An issue arose after the event schedule was written up that made it very difficult for us to run complicated events. I'll be replacing a future Last Nation Standing event with an Item Hunt event, don't worry!

Game on everybody. :)