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ACE Online
ACE Online Episode 4.2 Released!
April 1, 2013 - Suba Games

Hello and welcome!

This week brings the long-awaited ACE Online Episode 4.2 Update! Many of you are already aware of the changes this update brings, but for those who haven't been following the news, here's a list of most of the big changes:

- Two new maps, Lost Oasis and NGC Marine Lab
- Over a dozen new quests for both ANI and BCU to participate in
- New enemies and monsters to fight
- New Lost Oasis Crystal Trigger System that lets you summon cool boss monsters and other events
- New NGC Mothership event, a co-op battle where ANI and BCU team up to fight the NGC Mothership
- Dozens of new upgraded weapons
- Hyper Gambles added to the cash shop, which feature more high-stat prefixes and suffixes than Super Gambles
- All slot armors are now available as time-limited contours in the cash shop - get a new look without changing your armor's stats
- Probability of getting prefixes and suffixes has been tweaked based on player feedback
- Super Gambles, Enchant Protects, Enchant Reset sand Prefix/Suffix Wipes have been added to the War Point shop
- New Blessing of Decca and Strength of Decca systems let you get bonus XP gain
- Bonus XP for online brigades, formations, friends, etc. has been increased across the board
- Flag Marks for several countries added to the WP shop on player request

While we couldn't get in every request that our fans sent in, we spent a lot of time with the developers to get many changes made. We hope to be able to announce even more good stuff in the future. We hope you'll be pleased with the improvements and new content!

We will definitely be giving out Hyper Gambles as event prizes and for other promotional purposes in the future, as we still want these to be available to players.

Rock on everyone!