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ACE Online
Maintenance Thread 3/7/2013
March 7, 2013 - Suba Games

What's up guys and girls?

Maintenance for this week is done. We are pleased to announce the following changes:

- BCU Leader: MarlHaxRico
- ANI Leader: Kaveman

We were going to get Pnayran as BCU leader, but he deferred to Marl instead.

On the outpost war front:

- KavemanDontCare brigade moved to BCU
- Akron set to neutral

Nation reset auto-balance has been removed, so when we reset your nation you should have no trouble getting onto the nation you want. The trade-off is you only get one nation reset for at least a few months before we'll allow another.

We are well aware of the Hidden Place/Distorted Place exploit. Users caught abusing the exploit will face punishment for doing so, up to and including bans of varying duration. You have been warned. If you happen to catch anyone abusing the exploit, please take screenshots or video and submit a support ticket with as many details as possible.

Testing for Episode 4.2 continues. While we do not have an exact date as we are still working out/negotiating final details, we expect to be able to announce the release date in the near future.

Game on everyone!