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ACE Online
Maintenance Notes - 2/14/2013 - Valentine's Edition!
14 februarie, 2013 - Suba Games

Hi everyone!

Today we've got a small-ish update that brings the following changes:

- Re-added some old event maps that were taken out of the game previously
- Fixed A-GEAR barrier appearing after warp
- Tweaks to Suppy Shops to prevent exploits

In game-related changes:

- OldSchoolFags brigade moved to BCU
- _BGearModel_ removed from BCU leadership staff

Last, we wanted to give you an update on the state of the game. We already told you that Episode 4.2 was in the works, and we'd like to announce the following changes it will bring:

- Two new maps, Lost Oasis and NGC Marine Lab
-- NGC Marine Lab features a repeating event to take down the NGC Mothership
-- Lost Oasis has its own version of the Crystal Trigger System as well as a new shop
- Over a hundred new weapons
- Upgraded versions of existing armors
- All slot armor appearances added as time-limited contours, at a lower price (7 days and 30 days)
- New Hyper Option Cards (pending name change) that offer a better range of prefixes and suffixes to players, can be purchased from the new Lost Oasis shop
-- Hyper Option Cards are available both for cash as well as for War Points

We'll have more details to announce in the future, but for now we'd love to hear your feedback. Please note that all of these are subject to change.

As an aside, remember that you can log in at 4:00 and 4:30 PM EST for our Valentine's Day event, and you'll get special goodies for logging in today as well as for showing up for 5:25.

Have fun!

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