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Constant C
11 de marzo de 2014 - Constant C

Hello everyone!

Constant C have now released on Steam! We are doing a discount for 1 week. You can also purchase on XBLA if you want to play it sitting on your couch. Hope you all enjoy our game. Feel free to contact me at forum if you encountered any issue.

Light Wang

28 de agosto de 2013 - Constant C

Thanks all your support! We finally got Greenlit today! Stay tune to our greenlight page. We will announce the release date for Constant C soon!
I like to thank all you guys! Some of you bought the game on Groupee, Greenlight bundle and Indie Game Stand. We promise you will get a steam key after we release Constant C on Steam. Don't forget to make your friend play our little puzzler! You can watch them suffer through some our crazy levels and smile like a evil genius.

25 de abril de 2013 - Constant C

We happy to announce that Constant C now can speak Japanese! We are working as hard as we could to provide every possible language translation for the game! Keep an eye on us! We will soon speaking your language.

Gamepad is also supported now! for better experience and make you look cooler!
We also release a new Deluxe Edition with 30 Constant C original Soundtracks!! go grab it for techno party!

Demo Version of Constant C will be up soon! for people who are still not sure about the game. you can try it out before you buy it!

Grab it now on Desura!

Here is dopefish playing Constant C


16 de abril de 2013 - Constant C


Constant C now available on Desura!!

Constant C is a 2D platform puzzler with nice little story and very unique art style! A huge accident happened in a giant space station.You! as a little reparing robot must save the world! Use gravity switching ability combined with time manipulation to solve more than 100 levels in Constant C. While you beat the stage one after another, you will discover more secrets within the space station! Buy Constant C on Desura and support us on Steam Greenlight!

17 de enero de 2013 - Constant C

Hello everyone! We like to introduce you some new gameplay elements in Constant C. Using your gravity switching ability, you can manipulate object's inertia to your advantage, even performing some insane ninja jump! Check out our second video to see those crazy stun in Constant C.

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