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January 25, 2017 - Blaze Enfuego

Hello! Sorry for being dead. We figured out that we needed to grow up to finish the project. And we were right. Time passed, and both our ambitions and experience gained from it.
The game is completely redesigned - just look at the brand new teaser. Yup, we're finally ready to bring you the product worth anicipating and playing.

A redesigned game deserves a new title. We decided to simply call it Unlucky Seven, which should be less of a headache to search for. The game isn't the only thing which changed it's name though. We now go by name of Puzzling Dream. It's a bigger, better and more badass team. There is no need to worry. All the members from original Asylum Creatures team are still present (including Fox Amoore)!

Our vision was appreciated by PlayWay, a publisher who decided to support us. Now we're ready to work day by day as if we were possessed by some cosmic madness. We will post weekly updates which should make up for the long period of silence.

If you have any questions or answers, write to - he's the wierdest member of our team, always glad to talk with our fans and haters.

If you're still with us, please show your support by simply adding Unlucky to your wishlist (it will help us A LOT). You can do that on our storepage here:

By the way, all the rewards for supporting us on Indiegogo remain valid!

February 3, 2014 - Blaze Enfuego

We just want to say that both our team and our project are still alive. We want to see (un)Lucky7 finished and published on steam as much as you do! Unfortunately we had (and still have) some delays that prevent that from happening.

Everything shall be explained in a video update that we're working on and plan on releasing as soon as we finish dealing with current problems (which shall also be explained in the video). The video also contains some of the gameplay, so you'll be able to see the progress that we've made so far.

We know that the lack of updates and/or comment replies is unsettling, but we prefer to keep working instead of keeping track of all the comments.

We are really working hard on making a great game for you all to play. We face our problems instead of giving up on the project so there's no need to worry - the game will be done no matter what.

October 17, 2013 - Blaze Enfuego

Thank you all for your support! Our game can get onto Steam platform thanks to your help! We'll try to wrap things up as quickly as possible!

October 16, 2013 - Blaze Enfuego

Unfortunately we didn't get in with this batch as we were pushed down the list by some new titles. Right now we're at #26. Remember to tell your friends to vote so we can stay up high in the listing!

August 29, 2013 - Blaze Enfuego

After the last batch of greenlit titles we're now at #41 in the ranking! That's the top 3% of all games on Steam Greenlight! There are big chances that we'll be included in the next batch! :)

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