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Xsyon: Prelude
31. maaliskuu, 2014 - Xsyon

For those who haven't heard yet, Xsyon is now available on separate servers: War and Peace! (PvP and PvE) With this highly requested and anticipated move, Xsyon reaches out to wider audience catering to players who enjoy fantasy sandbox games both with and without player conflict.

The new Peace (PvE) Server does not allow player versus player combat or looting and encourages players who wish to build a new society in a friendly atmosphere.

The original server, now the War (PvP) Server continues to allow player versus player combat and looting and will encourage risk and conflict.

Data from the original main world has been duplicated to both servers, allowing players the choice to play on either or both servers. If you are a returning player you will find your player intact on both servers. New players can maintain a character on both servers as well.

More information is available at the official website: http://www.xsyon.com.

30. lokakuu, 2013 - Xsyon

Xsyon has received the Steam Greenlight. Thank you for all the votes!

11. syyskuu, 2013 - Xsyon

Players have been waiting a long time for female armor sets that were in the works but not quite ready for release. Today we've finally released these sets, a total of 18 new cloth and leather armor sets.

Get crafting, scavenging, collecting and showing off your new fashions!

Other notable improvements are further revisions to resource materials distribution and the ability for carts to travel on any slope players can travel on.

Full information on this latest patch can be found here: Patch Notes[www.xsyon.com]

28. elokuu, 2013 - Xsyon

Scavengers, get ready! This week Xsyon has unveiled an updated resource distribution system, encouraging travel, trade and cooperation among the crafters and merchants of Xsyon.

The new resource system features:
• Localized scavenged materials and found crafting patterns.
• Increased frequency of rare materials in high danger regions.
• New crafting materials to be found.
• Crafting bonuses to all material components.
• Revised material weights, improving carrying capacity and facilitating trade.
• Auto stacking features for Xsyon hoarders.

More resource improvements are on the way, followed by long awaited farming and cooking features.

Xsyon continues to evolve with more improvements based on player feedback on the way!

Full patch notes are available on Xsyon's website: http://www.xsyon.com.

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