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January 4, 2013 - natebetzen

Before the comments begin predicting too much doom and gloom, we should probably straighten a few things out.

First, XBMC on Steam would be in addition to all the standard methods of getting XBMC. So, if you don't want to use Steam to get XBMC, then don't. It's just another option in the grand scheme of XBMC adoption. XBMC is now available for numerous, numerous platforms on the XBMC website, and that will always remain the case.

Second, Team XBMC is massively committed to open source. If it happened, XBMC on Steam would obviously remain free and open source. There would never be any payment requirement or closing of source. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to invest in a tinfoil hat.

Third, XBMC has always been a user-to-user help desk sort of situation. Today, users get help on the forum, but they also get help on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Quora, and Reddit, to name only a few places. Historically, when XBMC questions pop up, XBMC answers also pop up. It's the very essence of open source.

Fourth, if this were to happen, the platforms would be decided as we went along. The Team has historically had difficulty packaging XBMC for all the many different packages of Linux, while it's been much easier to package OSX and Windows, hence the suggestion of starting on the easy to package OSes and moving on as we go. That's certainly not set in stone though.

January 4, 2013 - natebetzen

While those of you who are fans of XBMC know that it is already available to download easily and for free from the XBMC site, it seemed that adding another venue like Steam would be helpful for getting the word out even further. Plus, offering it in this way should theoretically improve Big Picture integration.

So if you are interested in including XBMC as an application on Steam, feel free to comment or give an up vote or two.

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