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Legends of Dawn
17 gennaio 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

The focus of today's update is Legends of Dawn Original Soundtrack!

Music is very important to us and we had tremendous fun creating original pieces that blend well with beautiful landscape and ambiances of the world of Narr. Some song themes popped out of our imagination simply after seeing some of the amazing concept art in early days, some came after the game was in playable form, some are happening right now and will hopefully come with LoD2.
We have to fit many roles in our development work and creating music remains one of the most rewarding. The soundtrack grew slowly with the game. As we were imagining the world and races for the game the races spoke back to us, sometimes through exotic instruments, sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently following atmospheres in the game. So for an example, if a drum wasn't big enough to sleep in, it wasn't accepted by Elven people. We had to really dig deep and search beyond our mortal realm to find their voice of expression. Consequently at moments the soundtrack leaves us with a strong tribal feel due to deep rumble of the gigantic drums that we fell in love. We hope that you'll enjoy the soundtrack, at least experiencing a fraction of joy we had while creating it.
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15 gennaio 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

Thank you all for supporting us on Steam and Kickstarter!
Today we present you the second non-combat ingame video with descriptions as follows:


Dwarvenstones - ancient dwarven transportation stones etched with runes and powered by moon and sun. These devices are used for quick travel across the land. Each dwarvenstone transports you to location of another dwarvenstone depending on the time of day. You can only teleport on the location of the dwarvenstone you have already activated.

Magical Chests

Magical chests are chests holding extraordinary number of magical items. These chests are rare and usually harder to find than regular ones. Be sure not to throw away items found in these chests. Many ordinary items found in them are actually unidentified magical items.

Singing stones & Drums of War

Rizars - secretive and almost extinct race is well known for locking their valuables into magical chests. These chests are usually opened by playing various melodies. No other race of Narr is known for this type of safeguarding. Rizars are well known for their secretive ways and you can expect to find many magical goodies in these magical chests.


Chests, boxes, crates and other places that hold items can be locked. In order to unlock the, you will have to use special runes. These runes are found in many places but cannot be bought in shops. Using runes you will be able to unlock chests and gather items in them. There are three sets of unlocking runes, one set for each god. Locked chests usually have more items than regular itemholders, so it's good idea not to throw runes away.


Some mechanisms in the game can be activated in a way similar to unlocking. You have to gather activation runes and use them to activate specific mechanism. This can include complex doors or magical bridges. Activation runes differ from regular runes in a way that there is only one set of them.

Oracle Stones

Oracle stones are ancient statues used to help druids of old to gather knowledge. You can use them to identify magical items. Magical items have icons with sparkles. You will only see the name of the item, but you will not know what that item does until you identify it. Identified items change their icon and then you will be able to fully use that items special abilities. Clicking on Oracle Stones identifies all items in your inventory. Be careful to remember the places where Oracle Stones are placed. They are very rare and hard to find.


Safe places to rest are few and far between. Safe areas are usually designated with campfires. You can click on the campfire to rest for awhile. During the rest your health and faith will be fully restored.

14 gennaio 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

Today we would like to show you our first video about Legends of Dawn Tools. Mod Tools Beta is our 4th 45k Stretch Goal. Just a 4 days remain untill the end of our Kickstarter campaign so please spread the word about Legends of Dawn on Kickstarter and Greenlight.

Bellow is the short description used in this video and those who want to learn more abot the engine and tools can visit and under Engine menu there are a number of subcategories with several pages of engine descriprtions.

Dreamatrix engine is complete RPG toolset. Using an intuitive node system, even those without prior programming experience can produce impressive results.

The Creature Editor allows for the quick creation of AI objects, including non-player characters (NPCs), monsters and animals. Using this module we can assign various animations to AI states (including combat animations, death animations, idle animations, movement animations and more). It also allows us to link various sounds to each of these animations.

Using this plugin you can edit creature stats, parts of the creatures which can be damaged, which spells and/or special attacks they use, scripts assigned to them after they die, spawning rates, etc.

The Particle Effects Editor is used for creation of dynamic particle effects. Using the provided nodes, we can create a virtually unlimited number of various particle effects such as fire, smoke, foam, magical portals, blood drops, waterfalls, dust, various spell components, leaves falling from trees, and even tornadoes.

The Entity Editor is used to create entities. Each entity is created using many different components such as meshes, physics primitives, sounds, lights, effects etc. For example, if we want to create a torch, we'll create an entity with one mesh, one sound, one effect, and one light. All of these components can be animated using the provided spline-based track editor where we can edit most of the entity parameters.

All materials used in the game are created and tuned by artists using a proprietary node-based material editor. The node-based editor allows us to combine various nodes into complex materials. Each node corresponds to single function coded in HLSL.

World Editor is used to build large "streamable" worlds with thousands of objects and hundreds of living creatures.

The World Editor allows us to create large custom maps. Everything we need to model and texture Legends of Dawn's maps is found here. Each sector can have multiple materials blended on top of each other using up to 32 materials to texture the terrain sectors. This allows us to have rich and diverse environments.

Ambient Editor allows us to create full day and night transitions with full support to modify ambient parameters such as sun color and strength, depth fog and vertical fog with support for fog density and color. All ambiances are assigned to different locations on the map and the engine automatically creates the transitions between neighboring ambiances.

Entity editing is easy and straightforward: you simply choose an entity you wish to place on the map and click where you want to place it. All entities can be moved, rotated around all three axes without difficulty using the transform gizmos.

GUI Editor is used for creation and skinning of GUI panels. By combining nodes we can create various GUI panels used in the game.

Lens Flare Editor allows us to combine various types of glow, streak and secondary flare components into various types of lens flares. All Lens Flare can be easily added to existing spell effects or can be attached to entities.

We hope that we'll achieve our Mod Tools stretch goal so that we can put a beta version into the hands of Legends of Dawn players. The tools will be free for non-commercial use.

11 gennaio 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

A completely new world and the many unique game features of Legends of Dawn required us to create many gameplay rules. Everything - the way combat works, item prices in shops, rune and item generation, rest times, faith and health recharge and hundred other things – is built on these rules.

One question we were regularly asked is how all those systems will be balanced. There is no simple answer, however one thing we did not want to do is to manually tweak everything. That's simply impossible when you factor in how many different things our game is calculating at any given moment.

That sword you are carrying is fine, but the damage caused to creature is not just the damage stat that sword carries, but also the damage bonus caused because of your exceptionally high strength score, the damage bonus from that stinky red potion you drank two minutes ago, the damage bonus from your one-handed swords skill you so patiently developed since you started playing, and the bonus you get when fighting elementals since your Elemental Lore skill is higher than average. And let's not forget spells and blessings – they can modify everything!

Add to that creature resistances to various weapon types (arachnids resistant to everything but blunt weapons for example), their natural armor, strong creature auras that affect their friends when they attack in group, and who knows what else and you quickly realize crafting game rules for RPG is anything but simple! :-D

That's why we built safety mechanisms into the rules themselves. For each rule type there is the preferred way of scaling something and allowed variance. For example, if weapon on first level causes 5 damage on average, and on level 10 it causes 40 points damage then that was our base expectation. We added allowed variance for each type of bonus, both positive and negative for everything that can modify certain parameters – be it damage, armor, defense score, ability score, movement speed, respawn time or something else. This way we can predict and simulate how these numbers will add together. We made programs that crunch that data and output literally hundreds of tables for all of the parameters we use in the game and also highlight potential problems.

The full list is very large, but in the end we came up with rules that are simple to expand, maintain, and change if necessary.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

Thank you guys!

7 gennaio 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

Thanks for all your help, guys (over 1000 of you!). On Kickstarter, we already achieved over 94% of our $25000 target goal, which will allow us to complete the game. There are still 10 days to go and we'll work on new stretch goals as well as on some of the new tiers which you suggested. So please stay tuned for more news in coming days and continue to spread the word about Legends of Dawn. We hope that most of you will become the core group of LoD players who will influence further development and patches. You'll have much more opportunities to influence the development of Legends of Dawn 2, which is planned for early 2014.
In the last Update 5 we wrote about our crafting system and today we'll show you the part 1 of the non-combat gameplay video.

Maps panel shows the world of Narr and areas around Korden's Fall - village where players start the game. Maps panel takes care to display all locations that you have visited so far. It also shows different locations of interest such as inns, god shrines, entrances to dungeons and much more.

During the travel you will find wells. You can refill your water skins in them. Drinking fresh spring water is good way to refill your faith. Beware however, water skins themselves are rare and wells even more so. Remember where they are, you will need them.

We'll post more videos and updates soon.
Thank you all


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