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Legends of Dawn
4 janvier 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

Hey guys,

There are lot of great news! We passed $20.000, 80% of the target goal and we still have over 13 days of the Kickstarter campaign left. Also, on Steam Greenlight we have over 16000 visits and things are going very good.

At this point we really have to thank you once again for all the support, help and advices that you are giving us. From our side, we'll do whatever we can to deliver the game which you will enjoy to play. We noticed how too often we get compared to the biggest RPG titles around which as flattering it is (even when mentioned in not exactly positive terms) is a bit uncomfortable cause we can't compete with big players unless you help us by constructive suggestions (within realistic expectations). Also, you will have lot of influence in further development of the LOD (and Land of Narr world as such). We have in mind a whole range of things which will make it possible for you to participate even more, once you experience the game and the world of Narr itself.

Thanks for your advices. We started making additional gameplay videos which will show game play in greater detail. Hope to post it here soon.
Also, we started our FAQ section , so please check if there is something of interest for you. We shall continue to update it regularly.
Since we are coming very close to our initial target goal we'll work on lower stretch goals for the next week update . We are following your comments closely so keep them flowing.


Crafting is the part of the game that allows you to create your own items. There are 7 crafting skills you can use for crafting:

- armorsmithing
- cooking
- herbalism
- jewelcrafting
- leatherworking
- metalworking
- weaponsmithing

Each of these skills is used to create items of specific type. As you develop your crafting skills you will unlock more and more items that you will be able to create.
Each item is crafted from basic resources. Resources are either found or gathered during the gameplay. Found resources are those that can be found in itemholders such as chests in dungeons, or bought from merchants in town. Gathered resources are those you can harvest or gather using skills such as mining or lumbering. There are also many resources that are dropped by defeated monsters. Items such as leather, skins, fur, meat and bones are very often found when fighting various dangerous creatures. Using wood, metals, leather, jewels, herbs, bones and other resources you will be able to create various items such as armors, weapons, potions, jewelry and so on.

As you craft more items, you become more proficient in creating items of that type. First few swords you create will no doubt be weak common swords. However as you craft more of them you will be able to create first stronger swords, and then magical swords. This is where the true power of crafting system comes to play. The greater your skill level, and more items you have crafted so far, greater the chance will be that you will craft extraordinary weapon. Same goes for armors, magical jewelry, magical potions and other items you can craft. Using crafting you will be able to create many magical items that are extremely rare or never found during the gameplay.

Have a great weekend!

31 décembre 2012 - DreamatrixTeam

New Year Update - UPDATE#4 now live!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

The pledge total has reached over 15.000$ which is 60% of the target amount and we now have 700+ backers which is amazing.
We still have $10.000 to raise in the following 17 days, so please continue spreading the word.

If you don't have an Amazon account, you can now make contribution via Paypal and get Kickstarter rewards through our website www.dreamatrix.net

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