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Numinis Online
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10. januar 2013 - kastan

Will this game have achievements, if so how many?
Yes, there will be achievements added to the Numinis Online content. So far, we have more than 50 achievements awaiting your retrieval, but we plan to add “many” more before launch. The achievements will vary in tasks and accomplishments and be greatly rewarding. We have set up achievements to fit into the characters battle preparations as you will be able to unlock additional skills, attributes and/or abilities to aid you in combat. These unlocks may be more powerful than the allocated abilities, perhaps giving you a skillful edge in certain situations.

Do I have to be a specific role or class, if so am I locked into those specific rolls or classes?
There is no roll or class specific option to lock you into anything. For instance, you do not choose to be either a traditional tank, or mage, or archer. You will however have the choice to select abilities that pertain to those “types” of rolls or classes. For instance, I would like to snipe someone with a specially made crossbow and have the ability to burn someone with a fireball shortly after. You can! You will! We use the words “role” or “class” in some messages or text for simplicity purposes and to help familiarize fans and new fans alike. You are absolutely not locked into anything.

Will there be dungeons or anything like that?
Yes some scenarios may have hidden passageways or tunnels/dungeons that offer more strategic opportunities depending on the team. We will have full dungeon level scenarios, where darkness may be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Of course, depending on your abilities, you may be able to see in the dark?!

I read that you can save up to 3 load-outs. What is this? Can I use all three in game?
The load-outs are your predefined selection of abilities and attributes. When you modify and save your load-out(s), you may choose which to utilize in combat. While in game, we will offer a couple different ways in which you may change which load out you want to use. As of now, there are up to 3 that you can name and preset, however we may add more.

Is there any 1 shot, 1 kill weapons in the game?
If you are asking if any weapons are able to kill you with one hit, I will most certainly say yes. It’s important to remember that your predetermined ability selections may make the difference in this. But, something similar to a catapult barrage landing on your head… It’s safe to say you’re probably not going to make it. That’s just one example of many situations.

Thanks for reading!

The Devs
Numinis Online

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FIREMAN-privit 15. jan 2013 kl. 15:47 
Sounds good. When are we going to see some gameply video?