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Numinis Online
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7 de enero de 2013 - kastan

We have compiled (some not-so-frequent) questions from the community on several sites and consolidated them here.

Can anyone get a dragon?

Dragons are unique and relevant to the storyline. In many situations, a dragon is readily available, and awaiting a daring fighter to hop on its back and command it to destroy. In certain instances, some may call upon a dragon to do your bidding through achievements, or battle commendations.

How will dragon controls work?

Dragons will work (be controlled) similar to that of other games as far as controls are concerned. We wanted the player to really feel the freedom of flight, and enabled a 3rd person view for the occasion. You may still use your basic movement keys (with a couple of additions) to maneuver the mount. Keys in conjunction with the mouse or other freeform movement device will help stabilize the flight. Arrow keys may also work with directional movement. We will try to implement “joystick” controls as well to deliver a more diverse way to fly.

How will you balance the dragon, and keep it from becoming “OP?”

Well there are a few different ways that we have “balanced” the dragon from becoming too powerful. Obviously we want the dragon to be powerful. “After all, it is a dragon!” But to ensure that the dragon is not “aimlessly” destroying the battlefield, there are some measures to consider when taking flight. We will give you a few examples. (1) You are not alone in the air, and it will be just as important to crush your enemy as it is to keep your opponent from wrecking your team from an air assault. (2) Dragons are big, heavy, and ancient, and need to rest from time to time in order to replenish their strength. (3) Beware of the Ballista’s!

You mentioned that you’re an Indie game Company. How large is the team developing this game?

We are undoubtedly an Indie game Company. At the moment, there are a couple of us wearing a plethora of hats.

Why are you not advertising a lot more to get the game noticed?

It’s a tough position financially. Though, it doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount to advertise anymore, it still costs a decent penny. While we are an Indie Company, we are also a very tiny one! So we would like the game to speak for itself, and the community to speak on its behalf. In fact, nearly each member of the community is onboard through word of mouth and sharing at this point (We are extremely grateful). We do have a budget for an advertising injection in the near future.

I noticed that you only have a couple of videos, and not really one of game play, just some concepts of it. Do you plan on making game play videos?

We have given the game play video lots of thought. We are much further along in development since the alpha - trailer, and it wouldn’t be as time consuming to produce a video, but it would be counterproductive at the same time. Though we want to set up a video, we do not want to show the viewers 75%, when we can spend the video production time on continued development and allow the community to play it at 90% - 99%. Our time is usually capped. Between our full time jobs, family, and the rest on development, we feel that the right decision is to continue developing for our fans. We are not saying that this will not change, but this is the outlook thus far.

How will targeting be in this game? Will it be “Tab” targeting, or do you actually have to aim, and shoot with minimal support and maximum skill to aim and hit your target?

Good question! We want to be clear that this is a skill based game. None of that “tab targeting, your projectile will dance around the map and find you behind a rock.” If you’re behind a rock, you are most likely safe from direct effects (Or are you? *Bug fix, you can no longer shoot through rocks!). Let’s take the bow for instance. When you aim and shoot your bow. Your accuracy is totally player driven. You have to take into account the velocity of the arrow. The direction your target is moving and lead him/her accordingly and you have to take into account pure physics. Your arrow will arc! You have to aim higher or lower depending on how far your target is. The plethora of abilities differs greatly, as well as the targeting aspect itself. But at NO point will you be able to “auto lock” your target... fire and forget.

We are extremely grateful for the support and feedback from the community. We do not dismiss feedback. We are eager and excited to receive your questions, comments and suggestions. There are no bad opinions, only bad reactions to opinions. We do however ask that you give constructive feedback when offering it.

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Thank you all kindly!

The Devs
Numinis Online

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4 comentarios
kastan 2 FEB 2013 a las 10:09 
Thanks TeleWarp, we hope to be in beta in the coming month(s)!
Chizzy 1 FEB 2013 a las 8:31 
this sounds amazing, i cant wait to get my hands on this baby.
kastan 8 ENE 2013 a las 13:06 
Thanks Nyahh! We will be adding more ("not-so-frequently-asked-questions") often. If you have a non typical question(s) that has not previously been answered, feel free to ask. Thanks again!
SB 8 ENE 2013 a las 1:30 
Sounds cool.