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Tak for din hjælp med at få dette spil valgt til distribution via Steam. Mere information, inklusivt et link til butikssiden på Steam, kan findes nedenfor.

Greenlight udfases. For flere oplysninger om hvordan spil indsendes til Steam, henviser vi til dette blogindlæg.
30. april 2014 - Nyu Media

Your is moe-infused twitchy arcade action goodness is now available here on Steam!

Anyone wondering about free Steam keys, please visit the stickied thread at the Croixleur Sigma discussion board here:

A huge and hearty THANK YOU to everyone who supported Croixleur at Steam Greenlight. We've worked hard to exceed expectations for this release and we hope like it! If you do, please help spread the word! =)

22. april 2014 - Nyu Media

Steam won't show the trailer until the game releases, but y'all can have an early preview right here:

21. april 2014 - Nyu Media

Valve has approved Croixleur Sigma for release on April 30th, so we are good to go! :)

Here is the Croixleur Sigma Steam page:

Jfyi, the site has been updated and we'll hopefully have the launch trailer ready to go soon.

Not long now!

20. april 2014 - Nyu Media

Between Dark Souls II releasing on April 25th and some last minute-tweaks, we've decided to push the release out to April 30th. Apologies to everyone expecting a release next week - we'd have preferred that too, but it makes most sense to push it out and spend the extra time letting everyone (besides you guys :) know that the game is coming out.

The game is all DONE and set up on Steam and submitted to Valve for approval. As soon as we get their okay, we'll announce the release date officially, including a post in here. Please help spread the word when it's locked in!

Thank you!

30. marts 2014 - Nyu Media

Thank you everyone for your patience! We now have a not-quite-firm-but-fairly-solid release date and news about the official title of Croixleur Steam Edition content, plus a new feature announcement which you’ll hopefully dig!

So, release date: April 23rd [UPDATED] is the day that we’re agreed with Souvenir Circ. and we’re scrambling to prepare for that. It’s not final FINAL until Valve approves it, but they most likely will and it gives us plenty of time to finish up the dev work, so it’s a fairly safe bet that this is the one. I’ll post another update when that’s locked in, but you can start the countdown clock now :)

As we’ve previously announced, Croixleur Steam Edition will be essentially Croixleur Sigma (and all the extra content that comes with) with Steam integration for the achievements and online scoreboards. Moreover, we have announced this yet, but we’ve decided to replace the original Croixleur with Croixleur Sigma (we need to coordinate with our distributors, but we’re planning on giving a free upgrade to everyone who purchased the original). Because these factors, we’ve decided that the official title for Croixleur Steam Edition will be Croixleur Sigma, so that’s how we’ll refer to it from here out.

Finally, we are pleased to announce (yet!) another brand new feature for Croixleur Sigma: two player local co-op play for Survival and Time Attack modes! “RIDICULOUS! THAT’S TOO MUCH EXTRA CONTENT!”, we hear you protest? Nah, guys. You’re totally worth it :)

Here’s a video of the new co-op mode in action.

That’s all for now! Please let us know your thoughts in the Comments section. In the meantime, we have to get back to work – April 23rd isn’t long away!

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