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30 listopada 2013 - Digital Happiness

DreadOut Point of announcement

It's been a while guys, and thank you for your support until this day. Some of you might wonder with DreadOut development status. Right now we are still waiting for the legal, tax and others business document between our government and United States government. Meanwhile here's some our report regarding DreadOut production :

• you can check our latest DreadOut teaser above.
• DreadOut story mode will be split into two parts, first part will be release hopefully before end of the year tentative, and 2nd part will be unlockable later.
as for our special ghost design (design by all of you indiegogo backers) will be available as free roam mode DLC. Our backers will receive those DLC without any additional cost, because you guys are awesome :)
• To our beloved backers, we will give you DreadOut Beta key...the first chapter of the game. You guys will be the first one to experience what happen after end of DreadOut demo before we release DreadOut via Early Access in Steam.
• For our Tortured Soul and backers and above, we'll send you the download link of DreadOut Digital OST, Digital Manga by email. Please kindly check your spam folder in the next couple days :D.
• for our DreadOut official merchandise, we will send you email about the progress, hope you guys love it. You guys will get this by the time we release our game, but if any of you urgently need this merchandise as soon as possible (in a matter of life and death), please give us a message. We'll arrange the delivery date of this merchandise to your door :)
• For you guys Heart of Darkness, Angel of Darkness, Dark One backers, we will also send you some of our progress of your special ghosts design via email. Your ghosts will available in DreadOut free roaming ghost haunting mode.

• We are still planning on release before end of this year through Steam Early Access
• Steam account will be required for DreadOut Beta Access (Indiegogo & local backers only)
• Why Steam? Why don't we release DreadOut through different platform/ DRM-free?
Since we don't want to deliver a half finished product, we need more player as beta tester, and Steam Early Access is a great platform to do that.The DRM-free version will be available after Steam version.
• Since we are still having some small issues regarding tax and administration, right now we cannot say the exact date of DreadOut public worldwide release. But if anything goes as we plan, DreadOut will be available late this year...wish us luck guys :)

For further info, we will open an AMA session on reddit DreadOut on 5th Thursday 11 am - 1pm EST, please join and ask us anything.
meanwhile you can ask us anything, chat through steam or you can drop us email at contact@digitalhappiness.net

We apologize for the inconvenience, we would like to thank you for all the support you have given us throughout the development of the DreadOut. We are looking forward to its release, estimated to be announced, as soon as the issue has been resolved."

best regards

Rachmad Imron
DreadOut Game Producer

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Komentarzy: 44
HΛІLSTØRM 3 kwietnia 2014 o 7:43 
i'm waiting for this game , hope the government didn't make it difficult
The Man Eater 2 kwietnia 2014 o 18:21 
guys? when is there a release?
†Gray† 23 lutego 2014 o 9:35 
I wanted This in My Gaming Videos :D i'll Gladly Buy It
ᶫᶜᶠ 20 stycznia 2014 o 6:40 
9 / 10
Would buy
Krusty, o palhaço 12 stycznia 2014 o 22:14 
Can't wait to play, this game is aweeeessome!
Mizu 6 stycznia 2014 o 19:58 
OMG I am very excited over this, I am getting it as soon as it is available~
WhirlwindSchad 3 stycznia 2014 o 21:54 
Looks very good
can't wait for it. i hope it will release ASAP :-)
KucluK Jr. 31 grudnia 2013 o 11:14 
its 2014 now, cant wait....
please release ASAP :)
Papooooyyyhh 24 grudnia 2013 o 11:18 
Cant wait for it!
Pls release it soon!