Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

Greenlight poistuu käytöstä. Saat lisätietoja pelien lähettämisestä Steamille tästä blogipostauksesta.
Trying too hard to get Greenlit announcement lol :p
16. huhtikuu, 2013 - Digital Happiness

Dear all

Thank you for all of your support, referral and your contribution, we have received lots of support and love so far.

This one is from our dear friend Dmitry Zinchenko he came up with this wonderful wallpaper, you can download it at
SyanArt Wallpaper[syanart.blogspot.com.es]
and also we updated some of our demo game reviews and responds so far around the web

1. Nice fact DreadOut is becoming #1 of the hottest Google Indonesia search topic during 6-12th April 2013
2. Our DreadOut campaign is featured on Indiegogo Main Home page last week.
3. We have also been selected as Indiegogo's Campaign of The Day on next Sunday Apr 21
4. Our Demo have been downloaded for a total of 150,000 since April 1, 2013
5. Our Official Facebook Fans Page has an interesting 6666 likes lol
6. The Following are what they say about DreadOut:

"Instadamn: DreadOut Demo"

"Playing Dreadout’s Demo Is Like Being Inside An East Asian Horror Film"[indiestatik.com]

"These small time Indonesian game developers are here to show you that they have what it takes to make an excellent horror title with a small budget."[beefjack.com]

"DreadOut is the very picture of horror, set in Indonesia"[indiegames.com]

How to Make Video Games Scary Again
"Horror movies typically capitalise on our natural fear of the unknown, and not knowing what is going to greet you when you look at that camera phone screen makes the gameplay much more intense than if you were simply thrust into a world filled with ghouls groping at you from around every corner."[www.craveonline.com]

"Here comes a game that will try to scare you to death, where all others may have failed. This is DreadOut, a third-person survival horror game set in Indonesia."[www.indieretronews.com]


"The demo isn’t very long, but it does a wonderful job in creating atmosphere, showing off its well-polished mechanics, and introducing a scenario of ghosts and curses that our heroine seems propelled to discover."[www.relyonhorror.com]

" [Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘DreadOut’ Has A Very Persistent Mosquito"[bloody-disgusting.com]

"The game is shaping up to be a contender. The graphics are good if not great, and the content is brimming with the potential of a never-before-touched culture in gaming."[www.omgeek.net]

Keep supporting, and spread the words about DreadOut guys :D
Linda ♥ You

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19 kommenttia
Digital Happiness 4.5.2013 kello 6.58 
Thanks guys we really appreciate you like our demo so far :)
wish us luck on our development :)
we try our best to make this happen, we will bring you the very best nightmare >:)
Shoryuken 4.5.2013 kello 6.40 
Love it, told it in my experience.. You have to release it, my friends an me love games like this. Need more like this. Really really awesome guys ! Better than other expensive game that does not scary me. :-) Good luck.
Orphan Black 117 30.4.2013 kello 18.33 
What a awesome demo good luck guys!
B4n6k3 25.4.2013 kello 8.03 
Damn you guys...., I've never set my phone in Vibrate Only ever again.....
Akagi 23.4.2013 kello 11.50 
I'm impressed... After a hundreds of hours in Zero series, I thought I won't see any really good horror game in the next few years. But after playing your demo I realized that I'm wrong. Thanks a lot for your efforts) I'm sure you will succeed and I'll try to help you with $ if I got a chance) Because it is really worth of it.
Chaz 22.4.2013 kello 15.19 
Sorry to hear that DH. Any plans for after the holiday or wish to keep it under your hat for now?
GideonProphet 22.4.2013 kello 14.13 
This looks great, the atmosphere, lighting, characters, I hopw theres a good story to it. My friend downloaded it 2 days ago and I havent heard from him since
Digital Happiness 22.4.2013 kello 9.56 
Hi, sorry for a late reply, no DreadOut will be release this year, with or without Indiegogo succeed, or even we don't get greenlit :D
CptDouille 22.4.2013 kello 9.50 
Hahah that mosquito... we should be able to kill it by taking a picture of it !
sk8r bug 21.4.2013 kello 11.41 
I absolutely cannot wait. I've told everyone I know on steam and otherwise to come and try out the game. I hope that there will be good news soon!!