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Portal Remake Mod
Portal Remake (UPDATES)
27 dicembre 2012 - CLagaris

I used the comments from the people who posted on this game to come up with fixes for issues I created. So here is a list of things I changed.

1. I fixed the lighting, the environment is now more brightened up.
2. I took new screenshots of my new levels that I will post.
3. I fixed some glitches I found, so during release they wont be a problem.
4. I changed the logo.
5. We have our website close to finished at:
6. I made animated intro screens (For the pre-level image)

I will continue to fix what people complain about, so if you see anything you'd like added, or changed please do tell me. Another thing I saw is that people commented how this "Isn't" a game. It's a mod, yes, it remakes the original Portal but also adds new levels. I also added many new scripts and scenes that the "Workshop" wouldn't have allowed me to add.

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22 commenti
Feel The Burn Trump 17 apr 2015, ore 22:20 
Mr. NoobShot{Neo} 1 lug 2014, ore 13:27 
Sox 29 mag 2014, ore 15:46 
Dingus Khan 22 set 2013, ore 6:16 
So... this is like portal enhanced. maybe a dlc for portal 2? it could work better that way
Retr0 23 ago 2013, ore 6:02 
☆ FL@min ☆ 20 giu 2013, ore 23:43 
Да в это надо поиграть
Ethan 20 mag 2013, ore 10:51 
will it have Portal 1 and Half Life Stuff? That would be cool
kоlyan-246 12 mag 2013, ore 8:14 
the Portaller 12 mag 2013, ore 7:19 is gone. The website's completely gone. Have you stopped development?
devek1001 29 apr 2013, ore 5:18 
i try to go to and it tells me "this site is currently unavailable", are you doing maintenence right now?