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Legends of Eisenwald
January 15, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

This is our first entry of the dev blog. We kept getting many requests asking us to post more things regularly, so here we go!

Last week we worked on many things. Nikolay fixed building related bugs (for example, a cycle when in some cases it was impossible to exit the building). Many of you who played beta saw a tab called – Action. That’s where healing with gold is going to be and Nikolay is working on it this very moment.

Denis implemented running away of armies from a strong army and changed the pathfinding calculation through mountains. In the event system he added a possibility to turn on/off impassable parts of the map, as well as ability to turn on and off hiring, trading and having garrisons in buildings. Another things that was added in the event system is a check to see if the enemy army was defeated completely (meaning that an army has no more buildings to respawn in, all were captured).

And to close, here is a short dialog between two members of our team in Skype chat:
- Who is this idiot who came up with idea of putting a coat of arms above the hero? Like I am going to forget which fraction my hero belongs to?
- This genius person is your relative! Be proud! :)

Until soon!

January 11, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

In case you didn't see it, Indie Statik did a preview of our game.[] That brought many of you here, we thank you and we thank Indie Statik!

For quite some time we are in the top 50 here, thank you all for your votes and interest in our game! With a bit more press coverage we might be greenlit soon!

And we are working on putting up pre-orders directly on Desura and GOG.

After the patch of the New Year was out, we now work on putting in place healing functionality in buildings. Also, we added coat of arms to castles and other buildings. This will be availabe in the next patch that probably will go out next week. And we fixed a couple of crashes that happened in buildings.

December 28, 2012 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Here is what RPG France said about Legends of Eisenwald in their preview[]:

We are very optimistic about the game and we know this is gonna be a real hit.

And we got this awesome sign:

Also, they reviewed[] our first game, Discord Times:
Discord Times is a great strategy game that may not have up to date graphics but offers high quality and dense contents. If you really enjoy games like Heroes of Might and Magic or Disciples 2, you have found a game that may replace these hits. Discord Times is fantastic, but still requires patience for the game is rather difficult. However, its world is trully engaging and fun. Here’s a game you should try, definitely.

December 17, 2012 - Alexander (Aterdux)

This video is so great we wanted to share it with all of you right away! Check it out here.

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