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Legends of Eisenwald
March 7, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Today Desura approved our big patch with a lot of bug fixes and some new things. And we are happy to tell that beta is now available in German! Those who use Desura will get it automatically, those who have DRM free version would need to wait a couple of days until we will put it together. Once it's done, we will send out emails with the link to the latest beta.

What has been fixed:

  • All known crashes (thanks for all those bug reports!)
  • AI behavior for casting spells
  • A lot of problematic things in the AI

What has been added:

  • A window of the first stage siege result before the actual siege, with a possibility to cancel the siege.
  • Window to heal characters inside the buildings (this is a draft version)
  • Coats of arms on the map, coats of arms of armies inside the buildings, coats of arms in combat
  • Spells for witches and heretics
  • Casting characters now can use spell books, rods and staffs
  • Full unicode support
  • The Masquerade has been translated into German by Michael Fuegemann. Thank you Michael!
  • French translation is next!

Steam Greenlight progress

We are now on place #13 on Greenlight, we moved up because of the 10 titles being aprroved. If you didn't vote for us yet, please do and thank you!

Our Kickstarter experience

I (Alexander) wrote about our experience here, this is a long overdue post-mortem[]. It is dedicated to all our backers here at Kickstarter and out of Kickstarter too.

Thank you all,

Alexander, Nikolay, Dmitry, Denis, Victor and Ressa.

February 15, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Greenlit Gaming previewed our beta and here you can check it out[]. Thank you, Greenlit Gaming! Check their website, they are doing a great job covering many great games that are currently here on Greenlight.

IndieRPGs did a video preview of our first game Discord Times. [] Despite the previewer dying quickly you can see what the game is about :)

February 7, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

When creating the combat system for Legends of Eisenwald, we looked back at the turn-based RPG titles we love as gamers ourselves. Disciples 2 for example, had a quick and nice combat system, and it was an inspiration for our first game, Discord Times. The combat system in LoE is an evolution of Discord Times, while incorporating the best traditions of Disciples 2. We based it on the idea that each move would always cause a strike, so that battles won’t have moves that don’t produce results.

Another difference with the Legends of Eisenwald combat system is that success and speed of battles depends on the skill of a player, and not on any random factor. Without random factors coming into play, it is not necessary to save/load a lot to wait for a “lucky strike” or to avoid a heavy hit against you.

Battles can be lost quickly if your tactics aren’t sound. It’s very important to choose which units to attack, and how to place your units initially, since it is impossible to move ranged or casting units later.

Choices are not only important in battle, but also when preparing for action. It is very important to have a balanced army that is ready to deal with any kind of challenge. That is why unit management is essential for any successful battle. Recruiting a wide range of units such as bowman, mages, knights and dual wielding units, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, provide a tactical depth that is fulfilling and challenging.

Players can enter battle with a maximum of 12 units, all of which have unique attributes. These are made up of initiative, attack, willpower, melee defense and ranged defense. Certain units are locked to certain weapons; a knight cannot use a bow while a mage cannot use a sword. Setting the formation of your units before entering battle, and protecting your support units, is crucial.

While recruiting units is important, players need to pay special attention when equipping and upgrading their units. Certain weapons will have unique properties, and equipping healing potions could be the difference between success or failure.

Players have three actions available to them when in battle: attack or cast a spell (depending on unit), use equipped item (for example, drink a potion), or skip a turn to use a special ability. Depending on the type of the weapon or on the abilities of the units (mages can restore their spiritual power by skipping a turn for example). Knowing how effective your attacks will be against your enemies is crucial. For instance, mace attacks stun enemies for a turn, and units with two-handed swords will attack three units directly in front of them. Mages act as a support role in battle; they can't attack units directly, however they can cast spells against enemies. The amount of spell power used depends upon your target's willpower rating, which means enemies stats are also important when making decisions on the battlefield.

Legends of Eisenwald aims to deliver a mystical but veracious medieval experience, and that is reflected in the combat system of the game. Most of the development team are avid LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) players, with many of us knowing and learning how medieval weaponry actually worked. We wanted to bring our love of LARP into the combat design, which has been a lot of fun and has required a considerable amount of research.

We hope that you are as excited about the combat system in Legends of Eisenwald as we are. Until next time!

Aterdux team

January 24, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Tom Robinson wrote a great preview of our beta[]. We liked very much the fact that he saw that decisions were really important and many things in the game depended on them. Decisions is the word the article starts with.

January 23, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

This week was pretty busy as we kept working on adding new things to the game and fixing some bugs:

  • A prototype was created for healing in the buildings, in the Actions tab. There will be Heal and Heal All buttons there.
  • We also worked on displaying correctly an army’s coats of arms when this army enters a building.
  • A bug was fixed that created a crash when entering a tent.
  • Our map editor was updated with some extra checks and hooks for the event system.
  • We scripted and tested a new scenario for our big campaign. Basic things are in place, now we will put dialogs and some checks in there.
  • A concept was finished for the third scenario of our big campaign called Widow, Wolves and Pastor.
  • We made a decision to look for a new developer to help us out with special effects and some interface programming.
  • Last week we started a poll on our site[] regarding our beta testing.
To close, here is a screen shot of our Arena Editor:

Until soon!
Aterdux team

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