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Legends of Eisenwald
9. října 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Hello everyone,

we are very happy to announce that today at 9AM PST (8PM Moscow) we start Early Access on Steam! We teamed up with the Humble Store (these are the nice people who run Humble Bundle) to distribute Steam keys and also DRM-free version of the game (DRM-free will be available a bit later but very soon). By the way, all of you who backed us or pre-ordered the game will receive BOTH Steam key and DRM-free!

What's new in the game

We could have written lots of stuff here, but we will just say two things: there is a new scenario Way Home, which is the second scenario of the big campaign, plus there are mounted units! Get your copy and have fun :)


The email that you provided in the survey (the email for your first or the only copy of the game) will be the email used to redeem the game through the Humble Store. For those of you who have not filled out the survey, you will have to use the email that we have on file (in most cases, your Paypal email).

As we make new builds, you can use the Humble Store to download the latest versions, up to the final Release version and beyond.

The other digital rewards (PDF artbook, the OST) will all eventually be available for direct download DRM-free via the Humble Store when they are released.

We chose the Humble Store because it really makes the distribution process for you and us much easier (we actually don't know how we could have handled it ourselves). We looked at many other Kickstarter projects that used Humble Store for distribution and saw that it worked really well. And folks at Humble store were extremely helpful and friendly, we hope you like their distribution service and their store as we came to like it.

Getting your key


Humble Store Accounts

If you don’t already have a Humble Store account, you can create one here: https://www.humblebundle.com/signup This is not required, but could be useful.

Email Matching (IMPORTANT!)

If you do already have a Humble Store account, your Humble Store account email MUST be the email that you used for payment (or your first or the only copy of the game that you entered in your survey on Kickstarter), otherwise you will not be able to add Legends of Eisenwald to your Humble Library.

If your email address has changed

You can change it in the Humble Helper https://www.humblebundle.com/humbler/cs. You can look up the old email address and then change it to the new one!

A note about Greenlight

Alexander wrote a blog piece about our experiences on Greenlight[www.gamasutra.com], including the overall look at the submission process at Steam. While it's a bit personal, if this is something of interest to you, check it out.

Thank you!
All of us at Aterdux

29. srpna 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Hello everyone!

those of you who have Desura version installed, can download already our new patch that mostly includes bug fixes and changes to the appearance of the interface. Settings window is now also there, music volume is adjustable, just to name a few things. DRM-free version should be available today. More news will come in the next update very soon.

More importanly, our second scenario of the campaign called Way Home will be released next in beta, right now it's being translated into German and French by our two wonderful translators Michael Fuegemann and Philippe Sainton.

And here is the map of Eisenwald! It will be in the game, and in its physical form it is a part of the $175 Kickstarter reward, its design is almost done and we want to show it to you:

(Higher resolution image is here[aterdux.com], it's not the final version, we will work on it a bit more)

Like before, here is a short story by Joel Martin to introduce this scenario. This does not contain any spoilers, it provides just a little of background information related to this scenario. Here is the link to Kickstarter update since the short story is apparently not that short to fit into the announcement here on Steam.

A Better Man

Until soon,
All of us at Aterdux

19. srpna 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Hello everyone,

it's a quick update about us (well, actually, just Alexander) going to gamescom that takes place this week. We were thinking of getting a stand there but the cost is way too high for an indie team like ours, even with minimal setup and floor space, so we decided not to do it.

If you want to meet and say high and look or play the latest build of our game (we have some new scenarios there, they and other things will be included in one of the next patches once tested internally), please either write here in comments, or write us to devs@aterdux.com or contact us in PM. It would be great to meet some of you in person!

Next week we will write a bigger update and hopefully release yet another patch. We are not quite sure what will be in that patch (depends on testing) but it's time for a new one anyway.

New scenarios are quite a bit of work and currently we are looking for a Russian-English translator to help us out. If you have time and availability, please contact us. The task is to translate a rough version of a scenario from Russian to English. This will go then to our writer Joel Martin who will rewrite and edit it. By the way, a new short story from him will be out soon to introduce a next campaign scenario.

Our best,

All of us at Aterdux

P.S. That's how you find Alexander :)

22. července 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

We have been working very hard last several weeks but now finally we are somewhat happy with the state of our first scenario of the campaign that includes tutorial. Other scenarios are being tested, we will add some of them later to the beta. This tutorial is not the final option and we will probably change a thing or two based on your feedback. A quick warning: playing as a Mystic could be tough in the first battle, so be careful. The patch is uploaded to Desura and hopefully will be approved soon. The DRM-free version will be done early next week.

Here is what was added along with a new scenario/tutorial:
  • New talents for all heroes;
  • Autosave every two hours of the game time;
  • In combat in addition to the health bar, mana bar is displayed as well;
  • There are active alternative actions for many characters;
  • You can now use potions in combat;
  • Relationships in buildings implemented fully.

Things that were fixed:
  • Enormous amount of bugs;
  • Objects appear on the mini-map as you explore the map;
  • AI was updated a lot, in particular computer armies can heal themselves and hire troops;
  • Interface was improved, new things you will be able to see. Also, now there are versions for different resolutions.

Things that were done fully or almost fully but cannot be seen yet:
  • Detailed shader settings of the characters and weapons through a global file of a combat arena;
  • Animation blending (not turned on yet, still working on it);
  • Manager of combat animations and special effects (completed, in the process of integration);
  • System of replay and recording sessions of the game;
  • System of event cut scenes;

We would love to hear your feedback on the tutorial. Those of you who played, try to imagine you are playing the game for the first time. And those of you who didn't try beta yet, this is the time for you to tell us if the tutorial explains things well enough.

There are three interesting projects that we recommended on Kickstarter. One of them, Guns N Zombies is also on Greenlight:
Guns N Zombies

Two other projects are:
Project Ravensdale - a project from the same team who went to Kickstarter with Giana Sisters, a game that was released on Steam last Fall, and pretty much the only game project on Kickstarter that didn't have delays.

And Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire - a great documentary about swords, sequel to the acclaimed Reclaiming the Blade.

Our best,
All of us at Aterdux

1. července 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

It has been a while since our last update and many were asking us how we are doing and what is the progress. We are working on many things, as usually. We wanted to make a patch a week ago but we decided against it. This patch would have been showing some improvements of the game but no new story or content would have been released. So, instead of that we decided to wait a bit and release a new scenario towards the end of the next week! This will be the opening scenario of the campaign and it will include a tutorial too. We think that would be way more fun for all of you, and of course you will see all other improvements that we did - we will list them when we post an update about the patch.

Along with the announcement of this first scenario, we would like to announce that we will be posting short stories by Joel Martin for each scenario, and today we start with the first one. These stories don't have any spoilers.

Winter’s Secrets

The fireplace cackled evilly in the corner of the hall. A man stood by a table, his fingers tapping a nervous tattoo.

The doors to the hall opened blowing a sudden gust of snow into the hall. An armoured form entered the hall.

The thin man looked at the newcomer. “Lord Kuestenkatz, your arrival was not announced.”

“Doctor, I come on urgent business.”

The thin man folded his hands, one over the other. “Well, no rush. It is a cold day. Warm yourself by the fire.”

“No fire is warm enough to wash me clean of Seidlitz’ ambition.”
“Men could say the same for you, my lord.”

Kuestenkatz approached the warmer section of the room, unclipping the heavy furs from his shoulder, the particles of snow now simply water in the deep warmth of the room. He pulled the gloves from his hands and held his frozen digits to the fire. “I come for your advice, Doctor.”

“I know there are many men that consider my actions, how shall we say? Unorthodox, perhaps? But I have never been accused for not providing results. You have always been a loyal friend.”
“The feeling is mutual. The time is drawing near when will need to act.”

The Doctor looked at Kuestenkatz. “Then perhaps drastic times call for drastic measures.”
“I cannot kill him. The repercussions of such an action will go far beyond the borders then.”

The Doctor placed a hand on the lord’s shoulder. “Oh not at all my friend, why kill him when you can remove his threat.”
“And how would one do such a thing?

The Doctor went to a drawer and placed a hand to an object hidden from Kuestenkatz’ view. “Deception is a powerful ingredient. Better to act through the face of another,” he said.

“Who do you suggest?”
“Why would I work with such a criminal?” Kuestenkatz responded.

“We are all branded criminals or villains by someone. Who’s to say that he has not done any more than we have in our time? Would your enemies have spoken well of you, my lord, when you brought death to them?”

“Such is war.”

The Doctor grabbed Kuestenkatz by his wide shoulders and starred into his craggy face. “We are at war. We are at war against a greedy and selfish world. We are always at war. Do not think any different. You and I, my lord, see the bigger picture here. We don’t live by petty morals. We make a better place in the long run, but live with our actions here and now.”

Kuestenkatz shook his head, “He will call on his allies.”

“Then, my lord, we should assemble some of our own. This war will not be on your head alone, I promise you that.”

The Doctor stretched out a hand and after a moment’s hesitation Kuestenkatz gripped it firmly.

The Doctor knew Lord Kuestenkatz was correct that the fire did not hold any warmth. For his heart was empty and cold as a winter’s storm.

Nekro is on Steam Greenlight

One of the first projects we backed on Kickstarter Nekro is now on here Steam Greenlight where they are on a quest like us to get votes. This project was running around the same time as our campaign on Kickstarter, we got quite fond of it and we would like to support them a bit. If you like that game please cast a yes vote for them and say hi from Eisenwald cavalry :)

Until next,
All of us at Aterdux

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