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Legends of Eisenwald
One year after Kickstarter: the state of development
May 27, 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Our Kickstarter campaign ended a year ago and we think now it is an appropriate time to talk a little about the progress of development and about our plans.

While we have been working very hard on adding features to the game and fixing bugs, we also have been working on updating our plans and making sure we can finish everything to release our game in September. The new plans are already in place and we follow them pretty well which makes us cautiously optimistic that things work out with no further delays.

The finished game is going to have one scenario that is available now – the Masquerade, plus the large campaign consisting of 7 scenarios and an extra scenario for that will be available first to our Kickstarter backers and then later to everyone, called The Road to Iron Forest (we promised it during the campaign last year).

We are doing relatively well now in terms of programming effort but scripting scenarios is a bit harder due to their complexity and non-linearity. Still, we hope to accomplish it all. But just as a heads up – should we face any delays, we think it might be possible we postpone a bit this extra scenario – because cutting or not making the large campaign is not an option.

Tasks left to do (on the way to Eisenwald):
Morgerion (Nikolay)
  • Finish particles and special effects system
  • Updating and improving shaders
  • Mounted units – in battles and on the global map
  • High scores table and window
  • Steam achievements
  • Settings window
  • And many other smaller tasks, including fixing current bugs

Ulmo (Denis)
  • Finishing the system of active bonuses of characters that are activated by skipping a turn
  • Using healing potions in battle
  • Finishing passive bonuses of characters
  • Behavior of special characters
  • Finishing all spells
  • Heroes’ talents

  • Quests log functionality
  • Full save/load functionality
  • Tutorial functionality regarding hints
  • Overall engine and path finding optimization

Adanych (Dmitry) and Irina are taking care of scripting the scenarios, Adanych is also in charge of remaining art for bosses and production of rewards.

Victor is taking care of Russian texts, Joel and Alexander will take care of English texts and localization, Michael Fuegemann and Philippe Sainton will take care of German and French localizations. (Michael and Philippe - thank you in advance!).

While it may sound a lot, many of these tasks are partially completed, so our schedule is much more realistic this time around, we made it with much more extra space for unforeseen things than in the past. And we will keep you posted about what is going on. It feels very good now to have a clear path to the finish! And we are happy to share it with you!

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ViciousKoala Jun 24, 2013 @ 1:22pm 
Keep your moral high guys! The end is straight forward. You'll finally tast the sweetness of victory! I wish you a good dev!
Emanuel RPG Jun 2, 2013 @ 8:06pm 
Espero mesmo que esse game seja muito bom mesmo,e que a Steam ,compre ele de voceis ae abraços ,to muito doido pra jogalo logo,, :) abraços,,
Alejer May 27, 2013 @ 4:13pm 
Hope you can finish the game as planned :)