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Mortal Online: The Awakening
An Imperial Decree...
7 февруари 2013 - LGM Discord

All through out the land a message is heard. The criers of each town buzzing with news from the Emperor.

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Emperor hath decreed! He seeks the capture of a fish rumored to have been discovered in the waters near his shores. A fish said to not only to resemble that of a tiny dragon, but also to possess special properties when cooked. He who captures such a creature, will be greatly rewarded!

The Emperor will reward the first who captures said creature with a prestigious title and other possible wealth! Any and all are encouraged to aid the Empire in this effort. Newcomers and seasoned Warriors alike!

It is also a very hot commodity within the market place. Vendors may pay a good price for such a rare creature. It is also rumored that Butchers all through out the land seek them for their meat and scales.

New In game events:

"A Rare Catch" Event
A new kind of rare fish can now be found while fishing. It resembles that of a tiny dragon. A title will be granted to the first who fishes up said creature. That's right folks! This is a server first reward! Be the first to catch the rare fish, and you will be rewarded with a title that no one else will be able to obtain. This event will be an ongoing event that will last for as long as the title is obtainable. Anyone is able to participate in this event. Both Free to play and premium accounts are eligible.

"The Biggest Catch" Weekend Event
Starting February 16th up until February 17th, We will be hosting fishing events in Mortal Online. We will make an announcement via the Town Crier just before the event begins. Participants will have the opportunity to qualify in four separate categories.

1. Biggest catch in one go during the time allotted
2. Most species during the time.
3. Most fish in total during time.
4. fastest to reach the specific spicies: ( Trudis, Laake, and Red Squilla ).

Each event will last up to an hour. Fish must be caught during the event in order to be eligible.


Players must register for event few minutes prior to the start of the event. Participants must attend with an empty inventory. Equipment will be provided for you at the event. During the event if more equipment is needed, seek the Event Registrar (Game Master). Leaving the event area or trading with players during the event will disqualify you from the event. Bringing or obtaining any items from anyone other than the Event Registrar will disqualify you. These rules may be subject to change at any point during the event.


Grand prize for each category: Forum Title of "The Biggest Catch" Champion, Goody bag containing( Top quality Fishing Equipment, and a rare Tier 1 Skill Books)

Fishing guide:
Fishing skill has recently been given some new life within Mortal Online. It has some new content for players to explore which can be quite profitable. Butchers will seek out certain types of fishes to butcher for unique materials and cooks will seek out fish meat for their recipes. Fishing is truly a mini game in its own right. No combat skill is needed to become a fisherman. New players, and veterans are welcome to explore the updated skill.

Step 1:

Equip a pole and draw it like a weapon
Choose for the top slot a fishing line
Choose second from top slot a hook
Choose bottom slot bait
Step 2:
Set a depth that your hook will be fishing at.
Step 3:
Hold down the left mouse button to pull back then release to cast the hook a distance in front of you.
Step 4:
Wait and watch chat for your first indication.
You feel a nibble! }Something is nibbling at your line.
Something tugged your line! }Something is on your line and simply tapping the left mouse button if done on time will yield the next message you receive.
Something pulls the float down! }You have hooked a fish now real it in by either holding down the left mouse button or in bursts depending on the type of line you have used.
You caught a NAME at Amount. }You have caught your fish! The name will be listed and the weight of the fish you caught.
Step 5:
Cast your line in again to repeat the process.
Note: When a fish is pulling on the fishing rod, you will notice that the rod is bending. If you reel in the fish during this, you will add extra stress to the rod and may cause the fish to get away. Be sure to wait until the the rod stops bending before reeling in and your success rate will increase significantly.