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Mortal Online: The Awakening
Updates these last weeks
4 лютого 2013 р. - Paratus

Mortal Online is always expanding with new features and fixes. Below are some of the changes implemented in the past couple of weeks alone!

The Grey Halls have opened
With the generousity of our awesome community, the Grey Halls has arrived!

Log into Mortal Online and explore a vast new experience with new monsters, items and weapons. The new demon foes you will face have all new powerful abilities, some of which you may obtain yourself in the future. Unlock the still-undiscovered secrets of demonology and the Grey Halls.

Crafted weapon rebalancing
With our recent changes to weapons crafted by players, millions more weapon combinations have become much more viable in combat. When crafting in Mortal Online you create your own recipes with nearly limitless possibilities.

In addition to weapon changes, shields have received a major upgrade.

Mounts and breeding
Our latest donation goal has been met, and development is well underway!

Players will soon see the return of the Molva beast mount as well as a new mount type, breeding, lances and more.

All mounts in Mortal Online first exist in the world before being tamed, and each carries a unique set of genetic characteristics making every mount different and truely unique. With the introduction of breeding, players will take this further by breeding specific traits and creating their idea of the perfect specimen over time.

For more information, click here[www.mortalonline.com].

Huge fishing update
The fishing profession has received a big update! Many new fish types have been introduced, with characteristics, making the profession much more profitable.

The fish have also become more viable when used in cooking and alchemy. They hold a variety of different attributes, giving plenty of variations with which to experiment.

There's a lot to talk about, but this is the usual pace of development for Mortal Online; we're adding and tweaking all the time.

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