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Captain Morgane and The Golden Turtle
6 Ocak 2014 - Benji_Reef


Captain Morgane and The Golden Turtle is now available to purchase on Steam.

All of us here at the Reef team just wanted to thank you all for your continued support if the game.

Thank you and enjoy.

Let's keep this point-'n-click revolution rolling =]

26 Şubat 2013 - Benji_Reef


Thank you all for your continued support for "Captain Morgane & The Golden Turtle".

After reading your comments on our Greenlight page we noticed that alot of you wanted to hear how the re-cast voice-acting sounded in the game.

We are happy to share a 6-minute long video of Morgane on her adventures which showcase the final voice-acting cast for the game.

Please see the link below or head back to the Captain Morgane Greenlight home page to see the first Video.


If you have anymore questions, post up and we will be sure to read and respond.

Thank you once again for your support in this project.

11 Aralık 2012 - Benji_Reef


Thanks for all your support of 'Captain Morgane & The Golden Turtle', it's been great to see so much buzz for our Adventure game, we hope that this will only increase from this point on.

It seems that people enjoyed seeing the 1st batch of Hi-Res Character Art we posted so I have just completed upload of second batch. Please click on the screens to see the hi-res images in full detail.

I've also included a big file that shows the various expressions for some of the characters. These portraits support the dialogue in bringing the game's characters to life.

There are bios for some of the main characters on the official website - http://www.captainmorgane.com/

Don't forget we have our Steam Gamer Q&A going with 'Captain Morgane' writer & director Steve Ince right here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/111400360/828924672593978037/

Please post up if you have any questions.

Thanks again for everyone's kind comments and support!

7 Aralık 2012 - Benji_Reef

Hi Everyone,

Some exciting news for adventure aficionados:

Steve Ince, Original Designer and Story & Dialogue Writer on Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle has agreed to do a fan Q&A with us. We have started-up a thread on the discussion boards where you can ask Steve anything you want about Captain Morgane or game writing/development in general. He will provide answers later in the week.

As well as Captain Morgane, Steve is the man behind some of the greatest stories in gaming - he counts Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword, So Blonde and many others amongst his credits.

You can check out more on Steve on his official web-page here: www.steve-ince.co.uk

If you are a fan of adventure games or games writing in general don't miss this chance to consult one of the best and most experienced.

The thread is live here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/111400360/828924672593978037/

Thanks, good weekends all round!

6 Aralık 2012 - Benji_Reef


We're enjoying presenting 'Captain Morgane & The Golden Turtle' and talking to you all on Greenlight!

One of the things that has been praised about the game is the strength of it's character design so we decided to add some of the hi-res production art from the game to our page. Please click on the screens to see the hi-res art in full detail.

From Captain Morgane herself through to pirates, ghosts, parrots and even some guest appearances the game features a great variety of characters to meet and interact with.

If you look really closely at one of the pieces of art you can even see the working-title of the game which is sure to bring a smile to the face of Wizarbox fans!

There are bios for some of the main characters on the official website - http://www.captainmorgane.com/

Thanks again for everyone's kind comments - we'll keep this point-'n-click revolution rolling. Let us know any questions you have in the comments and discussions section of our game page.

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