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17 ноември 2014 - Intravenous Software

NeonXSZ was released as an Early Access title on Aug 22nd 2014.

7 април 2014 - Intravenous Software

To everyone who voted and supported the game during it's development.... <3
We did it. The game will be coming to Steam in Fall 2014 all being well.

Why Fall 2014?
NeonXSZ is a game made by gamers for gamers. We aren't looking to make a quick buck and run. Before releasing the game to Steam there are still a few more content updates that we want to add to offer the best gaming experience possible. It is expected that these will take approximately 3-4 months, and time will also need to be allocated for integrating some of Steams features into the game.

Current State of the game (as of April 2014)
The first 20-30 hours of the game are essentially feature and content complete. The remaining 70+ hours of gameplay are 75% content complete. The game is already rock solid and fully playable for it's entire 100+ hour duration but we wish to add even more content to the later levels to keep the gaming experience constantly evolving and fresh. We expect to add more upgrades, more gadgets, more challenge arenas, more weapons, more missiles, and more ship models.

The Sphere - Part 1:
A new huge update for the game has been in production for more than three months and went live on Desura this week. The mysterious sphere in the center of the game world is open in the new build and is full of Challenge Arenas that test the players skill to the limit.

The new build also contains many other updates, improvements, and overall balance changes.

Play Now on Desura and get a free Steam key when the game is released here:
Anyone who buys the game on Desura now will gain complete access to the game during it's continued development and receive a free Steam key when it's released here. Come join the fun and help shape the future of the game.

Stay up to date with development:
Daily updates on the game's development can be read by following the devlog link on http://www.neonxsz.com.

5 септември 2013 - Intravenous Software

Amazing news. We have released the game as part of Desura's alpha funding scheme. We wouldn't have done this unless we were very sure you were getting great value for money. We want happy gamer faces not sad gamer faces. The game already offers 25+ hours of content and you can continue to play well beyond that and still unlock new ships. During alpha funding we will continue to add more and more content with the intention of offering a one hundred hour gaming experience.

You can download the demo here[www.desura.com] but if you would like to support continued development please click here[www.neonxsz.com] to visit our website and then click on the buy button there rather than going directly to Desura. If you go directly to Desura they will take an additional cut from the sale price which will not go towards continued development.

At the time of writing we have an average player review score of 9.6/10.

Please help fund NeonXSZ's continued development. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell everyone, heck tell your cat!

16 август 2013 - Intravenous Software

Here's the latest Dev Diary video - showcasing the high tech new cockpit in action along with two new colour schemes and a really cool new gadget that was added over the last couple of days.

13 август 2013 - Intravenous Software

Finally! The old placeholder cockpit is gone.

The new one is a massive improvement and even includes a live video feed screen giving the player a selection of various camera views. You can see the latest pics on our Greenlight page or by visiting our lovely recently redesigned website[www.neonxsz.com].

If you like videos you can see the new cockpit in one of our Video Developer Diaries along with a selection of new gameplay videos by heading over to our YouTube Channel For some great combat don't miss the July 3rd Video Dev Diary there.

Best of all a demo is coming very soon so you will finally be able to try the game for yourself. We are also planning to allow you to pre-order and gain access to the alpha at the same time.

If you want to keep bang up to date, the Developer Diary Thread[www.neonxsz.com] on our forums is updated daily.

Thanks for your continued support and we can't wait to put the game into your hands very soon.

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