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20th April 2013: Pics Update
April 20, 2013 - Intravenous Software

All the screenshots have been updated +
30+ Brand New Bonus Images[]
A History of NeonXSZ in Images[]
Brand new dedicated NeonXSZ forums[]
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The New Name - NeonXSZ
NeonXSZ - pronounced Neon Excesses.

A few months ago I was informed by the trademark owner that the Neon name was trademarked in the United states. He did offer to allow me to use the name, but further trademark searches uncovered eight more trademarks for 'Neon' under the category for computer games. There was no choice but to change the name to avoid court battle later down the line.

It is the sixth time the game has changed it's name due to similar events so it was time to find a name that was totally unique to avoid the same thing happening ever again. - is Neon's new homepage and sits proudly at the top of Google when searching for 'NeonXSZ'. Currently it's little more than a splash page to direct to the Greenlight page and our new forums, but it will be expanded upon and improved as time allows.

The New Forums
The Alpha Test is very close to opening out to a wider audience. It was important to have a place for alpha testers to give feedback, and a forum gives the fans a much better place to chat about the game.

If you are interested in joining the Alpha Test you will stand a much better chance if you join the forum.

I will also be using the forums to post up screenshots and information about what I'm currently working on to get feedback on new ideas or designs. You will already find content on the forum that is not available here.

New Graphics
Neon was finally updated to Unity Pro. This opened up a lot of new opportunities on the rendering side of things and this update was to give you a first look at the results.

Bloom, extra realtime lighting, and other rendering effects have been added, and the default colour scheme was updated with improved palette design, new lighting, and new effects.

All the ship models have also been replaced. The ships retain their original design shape, but were remodelled to fit better with the design of the cyberspace theme. Two new ship models were also added.

The other major graphical update was to the game's User Interface. So much of the text based clutter around the interface has been replaced with nice icons to clean things up and get the game closer to where it needs to be.

Work also began on improving the particle effects in the game. More will be done on this front as time allows.

Finally, a new video will be worked on over the coming week. I can't wait to show you the game in action with all the new effects.

I want to make the best game I can for you guys and your comments are not only encouraging but they have been the driving force behind many of the changes to Neon already.

Thanks for your continued interest in the project. :)

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kruxs Apr 20, 2013 @ 3:48pm 
Looking good!