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Let's Play Test Neon - Live Streaming videos
20 de enero de 2013 - Intravenous Software

Here you can find some playtests of Neon.

Edit: These were made early 2013 (pre-alpha) and are already looking dated compared to the current build of the game. Nevertheless they may still be of interest to some until there is time to update the videos. Hopefully there will be time to put together a new video before the end of April.


The tests so far
The oldest video (the first one made) starts out with a talk through of most of the systems in Neon so I suggest you check that one out first.

Playtest 2 was one was more of a random playtest of the F2 - Fighter and the M1 - Missile Fighter. Unfortunately this video is no longer available.

Finally, the latest test, was a fast paced gameplay test to test out changes to the speed the player can unlock new ships, weapons and upgrades. We start at level 1 and reach level 4.5 by the end. Much has already changed based on these tests.

Why are we doing these
The primary reason for doing these is not to have a live stream audience but as a fan service to get some nice long gameplay videos out there (even though things are still rough around the edges). Trying to capture such long sessions and upload them to YouTube would be a nightmare. With Twitch the video is automatically there 10 minutes after the stream is finished, and better yet you get to ask questions in the chat while I'm playing.

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4 comentarios
Intravenous Software 20 ENE 2013 a las 17:04 
Yeah, I can imagine my voice quality wasn't great. Although the idea of going on Twitch has been bouncing around for a while, I basically decided to look into it for the first time this morning. So it was all a bit of a rush job.

I had to dig out a pair of old broken headphones with a mic on them. The headphones dont even work any more.

But I think it achieved what I set out to do and that was to actually show the game. I think too many dev's show glossy pics, and pre-rendered footage and forget that it's the game that matters. Neon is still at the very early stages, with only the core gameplay functioning but I'm proud of what is there. With a little more polish it is a solid foundation to work upon to make a really great game.
Romitas 20 ENE 2013 a las 15:47 
That was absolutely great. You did everything quite well, though, the quality of the sound of your voice wasn't very good, but it's ok. Thank you a lot, had a REAL pleasure watching it. =) Extremely strongly looking forward to see your completely incredible game. Seriosly.
Intravenous Software 20 ENE 2013 a las 14:29 
Ah, thanks Romitas. It's the first time I've ever streamed or used Twitch so it was all a bit new to me.

I hope the stream wasn't too bad. I did it mainly to have a gameplay video available for people to view.
Romitas 20 ENE 2013 a las 11:55 
Awesome! Watching. ;)