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A Mass of Dead
July 15, 2015 - Dev Arc

A Mass of Dead has finally been released on Steam.

Steam link (

Regular price is ₩11,323.18 but Launch discount on one week(~22th) 10% discount can be purchased for ₩10,189.72 and 4 Pack price is ₩33,992.2 > 26.99

I hope to play fun.

Thank you.

July 2, 2015 - Dev Arc

A Mass of Dead is now ready for release!
Release Date is PDT + 10:00, 15, July.
You can access to the store page of A Mass of Dead from now on.
Link is here.

Thank you for your patients and attentions for a lone time!

June 29, 2015 - Dev Arc

Dev post[]
This link is we homepage

Hello! We added three languages in A Mass Of Dead.
Russian, Ukrainian, and Korean.
Let me show you those screen shots first.




Select Languages in Steam

As you can see, Russian and Ukrainian is actually not fully translated. We asked to our foreign friends to translate it, but they're not a gamer. So they couldn't understand gaming words. Eventually Russian and Ukrainian are translated except menu words. I want to say sorry for that.

Also, we want to add other languages if you want. So we created Google spread sheet.
Here is the link.
You can modify weird words and also add your languages next to Korean column.

And finally, we will release A Mass of Dead on July. Thank you so much for your attentions and concerns. We're doing our best to release this game nicely.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day :)

June 6, 2015 - Dev Arc

Dev post[]
This link is we homepage, Homepage posted korean language

Single play mode complete!
Hello. I’m coming with the news for a long time. Single play mode is complete.
Actually Single play mode is completed in January. We’re developing CO-OP mode now.
I thought this posting is about the release date because CO-OP mode is the last thing before publishing this game.
But CO-OP mode is delayed more than I think. So I notice this new first. This is new contents with the Single play mode.

- Added opening scene and ending scene

We don’t have an artist now. So it was hard to make nice opening and ending scene. But we made it out best.

- Three challenge stages

You can play three challenge stages after clear all 30 stages. You can feel the real meaning of ‘mass’ in this stages.

- Added Steam Achievement system

You can get Achievements. Try to get all of achievements(Get item, clear challenge stage, etc).

Single play mode is completed like this.
We’re developing CO-OP mode, playing final test now. You can play with one to three friends in a CO-OP mode. Also, You can play CO-OP mode in Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Next post is will be the about the release date. Thank you!

June 1, 2014 - Dev Arc

New content update

1. Maps

We added new two maps


The Lab

2. Simple style UI

We modified the UI to simple and clear style.



3. New Zombies

Self-destructs zombie, long range zombie and other zombies

4. Add Items

We added accessories. These are strengthen player’s stat.
Also some things are unique. You can get those accessories through farming.

5. Partial Controller Support

Now we support controller in game play.

We’re also adding a lot of contents.
We’ll do our best to release this project in summer

you can see same contents below url


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