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All Coming Together
November 24, 2012 - Nimion

If you take a look at the main page, you'll see that I've updated it with the most recent game play screenshot, although the UI is currently incomplete. I have also taken the comments and suggestions to heart and worked the combat system to be a conglomeration of the two methods I was considering.

How Combat Works
Whenever a target is in range, enemy or otherwise, you can select in the target window. From here you can select a weapon from your weapon group and fire on the target – including their subsystems. Your ship will continue firing at the target until you specify otherwise by deactivating the weapon. There are two ways to control your ship during combat.

Manual Control: This control scheme is exactly the same as if you were not in combat.
Computer Control: This control scheme is dictated by the commands given to it. There will be multiple command options, orbit target, keep X distance, close in on target, etc. The computer will do its best to keep active & ready to fire weapons facing the enemy while obeying its current command.

Using Weapons
Each weapon will have a cool down period after it fires and this cool down can very from a very short duration, to a very long duration. All weapons also use up capacitor power, so firing a boat load of weapons at once can quickly drain your ships energy reserves. The capacitor is continually recharging, and if there is not enough capacitor power when a weapon goes to fire, the weapon will wait until there is enough of a charge.

Damage Types
All weapons, shields, and hulls are affected by damage types differently. The damage types that will be in the game are as follows:

Each weapon will deal either a single damage type or a mixture of types. The reverse is true for shields and hulls; they will mitigate the damage done by specific damage types.

The Anti-Electron Missile does a mixture of Explosive and Positron damage, specifically 60% explosive based, 40% positron based. The damage done will vary depending on the quality of launcher that is found within the world, but for this example the same launcher does 100 damage per missile. This means that the 100 damage will be split up into 60 as explosive and 40 as positron.

The Vega Shield Emitter has the following stats:
Shield Strength: 325
Shield Regeneration 1.2/s
Kinetic 15%
Explosive 35%
Electromagnetic -25%
Plasma 12%
Positron 80%

When the Anti-Electron missile impacts the shield it will mitigate 60 explosion damage to 39 and 40 positron damage to 8. This means that the shield will take a total of 47 damage and be left with 278.

You may have noticed that the Vega Shield has a NEGATIVE resistance to electromagnetic based weapons. A negative resistance means the hull or shield will take INCREASED damage from that type. It will be best to keep track of what damage types your ship will be able to tank and which ones will do the maximum damage.

Collecting Loot
When a ship explodes it may leave behind loot. This loot can be in the form of lost credits, salvage, working ship equipment, skill chips, or even a star map fragment. Loot will appear in the target window, selecting the loot and clicking the tractor button will store the loot inside your ships cargo hold. You will not be able to collect loot if you are out of your tractor beams range or if your cargo hold is full. If the ships cargo hold is full, there will always be the option to jettison cargo back into space.

The game still has a very long way to go. Currently the Sol system is the center of the universe (meaning I have not implemented the other systems yet). However, the Galaxy Map -> Cluster -> Solar System mechanics will be my next update! Keep following, tell your friends, tweet about it, and continue to send me emails! <3