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50% to Top 100 and FAQ
November 25, 2012 - Zi


We're 50% of the way to making Top 100 on Greenlight! Thanks again to everyone for your votes and support. If you want to see Parallax on Steam, please continue to spread the word!


And as promised, here are the answers to some common questions we received.

Q: Will there be a level editor?
A: There are quite a few tricks used in designing Parallax levels, and it is difficult to create a level editor interface that will make the process accessible to everyone. You can be certain that we are looking into the possibility of a level editor, although it may not be available in the initial release.

Q: Will there be a different colour options?
A: Although the current colour scheme is one of the game's defining features, allowing players to enjoy the game without straining their eyes is a big concern. For this reason, we will definitely be providing some lower-contrast alternatives for the colour scheme.

Q: Will there be a tutorial?
A: Don't worry, we won't drop you into the deep end. The level progression will ease you into the more complex puzzles.

Q: Doesn't first person platforming suck?
A: We agree. However, the focus in Parallax is on the puzzles, and not the platforming. The player is not expected to have great platforming skills, and will not be punished for failing to make jumps. Progress is never lost due to timing.


Thank you once again for all your support!

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Unpronounceable Nov 25, 2012 @ 5:20pm 
Thanks for the progress update. Let's keep this up and get this Greenlit!