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Gloria Victis - Dark medieval MMORPG with advanced crafting systems & dynamic PvP.
May 21, 2015 - Jog


After just two weeks from the previous update we have really would like to share with you really great news! We are glad to announce that work has been completed and Gloria Victis is fully transferred to Unity 5!

However it is the first version of our game on a new engine containing various bugs and problems, it offers much improved graphics, solutions for a lot of performance issues known from previous versions, daily events with valuable rewards, reworked crafting window and prototype form of a first person camera.
Please consider it as a test version please and report on all issues you will encounter in here:

Secondarily: if you want to meet our team, visit Digital Dragons – the meeting of game developers and investors organized in Cracow, Poland on this Thursday and Friday (21-22 May)

Thanks for your continuous support and see you in battle!

Exact changelog v.0.2:


– Added new island (work in progress version) with new type of flags and precious rewards
– Implemented SpeedTree 5, the most advanced trees system, and replaced old trees with the new ones
– Vertically rescaled the map so high mountains will be possible to implement (currently implemented mountains have been made higher too)
– Refreshed all of the game’s locations
– Added minor sublocations and details to existing locations, like caves or hidden passages


– Upgraded game’s engine version to Unity 5
– Reworked and modified displaying of graphics by engine
– Reworked graphics options
– Refreshed all textures in game, some of them have 2 or even 4 times higher resolution now and a lot of new effects
– Implemented Global Illumination effect
– Added reflexes on characters
– Used more advanced version of Depth of Field effect
– Used more efficient version of SSAO effect
– Improved the lightning in game
– Reworked weather system and it’s shaders
– Reworked water shaders
– Reworked hair shaders


– Extended the Daily Events
– Added optional first person camera
– Implemented new type of flags, requiring players to teamplay and coordinate actions of few teams at the same time
– Reworked NPCs navigation paths
– Implemented new one-handed swords and longswords recipes and distributed them in shops and enemies drops
– Added new version of crafting window, containing new functionalities
– Reduced costs of weapons attacks and balanced them on different weapon types
– Balanced drop chances for items from random boxes
– Balanced bosses drops (Ragi, Brandon)
– Fixed bug preventing player from blocking when character’s stamina went to 0 and wasn’t refreshed on GUI

April 22, 2015 - Jog

Today we come with fresh pack of screenshots from Gloria Victis transfer to Unity 5, hope you enjoy it! We are closer to finish it each day ;)

By the way, did you know that Gloria Victis Game is available in 8 different languages (Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Greek, Italian and Bulgarian)? We are gonna add next 5 until the end this month. All because of our great community, thank you!

See you in battle!

March 25, 2015 - Jog

Hi all!

As you probably know from Facebook or your mailbox NDA is officially lifted off!
What does that info give to you? Well, now you can feel free to public videos, screenshots and reviews of the game, stream your adventures or do whatever you want to let people know about GV. We expect that larger audience will allow us to correct occurring errors faster and better to give you more fun from playing our game!
Thanks to all of you for your support, reporting problems and doubts but also giving ideas. Please, keep in mind that's still pre-alpha version so you will find some bugs and meet other problems. If something is happening please let us know - we try to improve everything up to date.

Best regards,
Gloria Victis team

January 8, 2015 - Jog


Due to our intensive preparations for lifting NDA off we have a massive update for you – we have implemented a new weather system and the first part of planned changes in crafting system, we have also performed many important improvements and an optimization process. Moreover, within few days we’re going to launch US server! All of your characters will work on both servers. Unfortunately before lifting the NDA off we will be forced to wipe items – however all of characters with their levels and professions levels will be untouched.

There is the full changelog:

v.0.1.3 Pre-Alpha


– Implemented server selection window due to preparations for US server implementation

– Implemented different quality versions of one-handed swords, longswords and one-handed axes (7 per every item)

– Implemented recipes for part of longswords (4 per nation)

– Updated and balanced one-handed axes recipes (4 per nation)

– Balanced longswords and one-handed axes statistics

– Balanced weapons prices

– Redesigned weapon shops assortments

– Redesigned weapons distribution in mobs drop and chests taking into account the quality versions

– Redesigned drop of recipes for metallurgy and smithing materials

– Added displaying of stamina usage modifier in characters statistics

– Added information of inability to gather item from container if it’s empty

– Added new pieces of music

– Santa has managed to collect enough money for new reindeers and came back home – one behalf of him we thank you for your help!

– Improved mechanism of controller auto-syncing when desynchronization occurs

– Fixed profession leveling above 60 level and after gaining 300 levels in total, also fixed the issue with closing crafter window after gaining new level

– Implemented camera moving without rotating the character when player is gathering resources

– Synchronized sounds of gathering resources with animations

– Fixed bosses spawning and extended the time to their disappearance if they won’t be killed by players

– Implemented new weather system

– Increased players view range – depending of displaying object 50 to 300%!

– Implemented smooth terrain disappearing in far distances

– Redesigned day and night cycle system

– Improved clouds and fog visuals

– Improved visuals and colors of lights and sky

– Implemented field of view regulation in options

– Optimized weather system work

– Optimized morning and evening shadows displaying

December 10, 2014 - Jog

v.0.1.1 Pre-Alpha


– Implemented item destroying and reparation system (item destruction doesn’t affect it’s statistics yet) – temporary destroying process is pretty in order to test reparation mechanics
– Redesigned the test map – replaced mountains models with manually drawed terrain, adding the miles of new locations and rebuilding the old ones
– Redesigned resources placement and implementing the new ones, required for advanced recipes
– Updated the world map
– Added new music played while fighting with bosses, conquering territories and visiting various locations
– Rescaled mobs, adjusting their levels to the new test map, balanced their statistics and redesigned their spawnpoints placement
– Improved mobs AI – they won’t attack a player whose level is much lower than theirs
– Modified animals drop – instead of specific items player will gather their corpses which he has to skin and butcher
– Implementing recipes for butchering the animals, meat roasting and brewing (available in shops with crafting materials)
– Fixed bug allowing mob to deal double damage after player’s block


– Reduced RAM usage
– Fixed stagger and damage receiving animations for player’s character and humanoid mobs
– Fixed sliding the character down from steep slopes
– Implemented various fixes for characters desynchronisation in reported cases
– Improved game’s smoothness (FPS drops reduced)
– Impelemnted alot of missing translations
– Fixed bug causing not refreshing the recipe screen when the previous one was chosen
– Implemented turning the NPC front to the player after a dialogue start
– Improved trade system – if there is only one item in certain stack it will be moved to the trade window/sold to the vendor at one without displaying quantity window; added buttons for choosing the minimum and maximum quantity
– Added option to invert Y-axis attacks controls

Work in progress
– We work on solution which will eliminate the crash issue on computers with 32bit OS and/or little amount of RAM
– Our FX Designer is working on new, more effective and attractive weather system

Test screens from our new weather/clouds system:

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