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Infinity Wars - *Animated* Trading Card Game
12 februari, 2014 - Teremus

Hello Infinity Warriors!

It's time. The rifts are opening, new warriors show up every day. The Infinity Wars Beta is finally launching on Steam as a free to play early access game!

Infinity Wars Store Page

We just released a patch with the new battlefield, the Academy, and we're actively working on bugs and glitches.

With the official launch on Steam everything is going to get a lot more fun! Come on in, check out the reviews and videos on the community hub, or even join in the discussion with us!

Make sure to check out the following links for everything about Infinity Wars and upcoming features/releases!

Infestation Patch Preview:

Development Roadmap:

See you on the battlefield everyone!

5 januari, 2014 - Teremus

Hello Infinity Wars fans!

Just a quick update for everyone. Lightmare is back in the office today and we're working hard on getting Infinity Wars bug-free and polished.

To celebrate the new year, we've given you a contest for a bunch of 50% XP/IP Boosts on our facebook page! Just use the following link, read the post, and cross your fingers!


Big updates coming soon for everything happening in the game. Stay tuned! ~Teremus

13 december, 2013 - Teremus

Not much needs to be said other than come on in and enjoy the beta! We're currently working with Valve to get the client on Steam, in the meantime, get started on your access today! How? Simple.

Rewards, beta access, drafting, friends, and war! Infestation pre-orders are live, people are earning bragging rights on the leaderboards, and everyone hates Yobo. Let your friends know so you can beat them too.

We'll see you on the battlefield everyone! ~Teremus

1 december, 2013 - Teremus

Second Major Infinity Wars Event! Featuring the Steam release, and our first Drafting Format!

From Friday, December 13th to Monday, December 15th Infinity Wars will host its second major live event. One of the major features our users have been looking forward to for an exceptionally long time, Drafting, will be hitting the servers a few days prior. During the times of the event there will be plenty of reasons to see what’s happening with our Beta. Steam, Drafting, The Academy, and plenty of holiday giveaways! Interested in the first format of Infinity Wars Drafting? See our preview video here:

For the event, the code Draft will get anyone and everyone access to Infinity Wars on the days the event is active. The access you get is permanent, the code de-activates when the event is over.

Veteran players are invited to return!

Players returning to Infinity Wars will get plenty of love as well. Come witness the evolution of the competition in dTCG’s and the beginning of the Infinity Wars Drafting system for yourself, and be a part of our growing Beta community.

If you’ve been in the beta before, you’ll be seeing rewards for you to return as well. Stop by, see the competition and how you stack up to the new players, and reap the benefits!

We’re nearing an extremely exciting time for Infinity Wars where we’re adding most of our polish into the game, and gearing up for all of the exciting features and content you’ve all been waiting for. Be sure to check out our new Website[] as well!

We’ll be challenging the industry, improving upon ourselves, and working with our community to give you exactly what you need from a Digital Trading Card Game. Come spend some time in our Rifts between reality and fantasy.

Infinity Wars is now on Steam! Head over to the steam store to check out everything that’s happening with Infinity Wars on Steam once we release. We’ll be waiting for you on the battlefield!

If you'd like to see the game for yourself, make sure you're following this query search on twitch to find a streamer showing off the game!

Infinity Wars Directory[]

Join us on Twitch TV for Developer Q&A’s!

Our Community Manager, whom most of you know as Teremus, will be streaming developer play and developer Q&A sessions for everyone to be a part of the development!

James Jones (Teremus)

Community Creator - Lightmare Studios/Infinity Wars

30 augusti, 2013 - Teremus

Infinity Wars has reached #59 out of 1,349 games on in the Greenlight Process! Come on everyone we need a big push to get this thing greenlit!

Tell friends, post on forums, let's see Infinity Wars get out to the world!

But Teremus....we want Rise :(

Good! Because RISE publicly releases TODAY! In 2.5 hours, you'll be able to access the Early Bird Specials if you're in our closed beta. What's more is Gold Borders are part of this release! That's right, you'll have the chance to pull Gold Bordered cards in RISE from now on!

If you're not already in the Beta, don't fret! We're working on a brand new Refer A Friend system to make sure everyone gets in the game, and that the inviters get great rewards for helping us spread the word! If you want to be on the waiting list for beta invitations, head over to so we can send you an invite once it's done!

See you on the battlefield everyone! ~JJJ

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