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Infinity Wars - *Animated* Trading Card Game
Stretch Goal is within sight!
22 januari, 2013 - Teremus

Hello Steam Gamers!

Wanted to bring you a quick update as we have so many new Beta Level backers to bring into the family, and we wanted to share all the info with all of you. Here's the link to our funding campaign, where you can be a part of the Beta Project yourselves: {LÄNK BORTTAGEN}

WE’RE SO CLOSE TO OUR NEXT STRETCH GOAL! Help us hit that stretch goal by spreading us around using the information provided further down.

Stretch Goal Info: Right now as of this update we’re at 26,648. The stretch goal is 27k, so we’re REALLY close. Keep reading to see how you can help us. Once at the 27k goal every count level and above receives the heat wave card. Prince and above receive 4 of it.

For those of you who have not already done so, and have pledged at the “Count” level or higher, please follow these simple instructions.

1] Fill out this survey with matching information to your pledge info: {LÄNK BORTTAGEN}

2] Head to our website, {LÄNK BORTTAGEN}, and create an account using the desired information in your pledge. Ensure the e-mail addresses match your pledge/survey info.

3] Send us an e-mail to detailing your pledge information and username for your newly created account so we can grant you access.

For those who are NOT in the beta, we’ve recently revealed two cards (of which the names are temporary). Click these links to check them out:

Tell your friends, click the share button, whatever you would like.

If you share us, or talk about us, remember to tag us on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: @Infinity Wars
Twitter: @Infinitywars TCG

Facebook Page:
Twitter Page: {LÄNK BORTTAGEN}

We would be eternally grateful for your help in spreading the word about our project as we get closer to full release!

Feel free to get in touch with us anywhere you would like, we’re more than happy to talk to anyone about anything, as long as it involves Infinity Wars. :)

The time is nigh, the rifts have opened. The Infinity Wars have begun. ~JJJ

James Jones
Lightmare Studios & Infinity Wars