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Infinity Wars - *Animated* Trading Card Game
Infinity Wars Beta is now Live! The Rifts have opened!
14 janvier 2013 - Teremus


Here's the long awaited update that so many of you have been excited for,and we thank you greatly for your anticipation while we prepare Infinity Wars for your enjoyment.

Bear in mind this update is ONLY for backers who have pledged at the"Count/Countess" level or higher. That pledge level authorizes access into our Closed Beta which is now beginning to roll out.

If you have not pledged at that level and would like to increase your pledge, simply head over to our currently running funding campaign here:


For those who HAVE pledged at "Count/Countess" level or higher here's what you want to do to get ready:

1] Ensure that you've filled out the survey that was sent out in our prior update so that we have all necessary information in order to grant you your perks and rewards.

2] Make sure you use the same E-Mail address that you used to pledge on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo in the survey as well as creating your account on our website www.lightmare.com.au ; by clicking on "Login' in the top right corner and then "Create a Lightmare Account".

3] Head over to http://www.lightmare.com.au/infinity-wars/ and download the client to get yourself a head start. Once you've downloaded the client, use the same username that you reserved in the Survey (the one from the update mentioned in step 1) to create your account in the game if you didn't in step 2.

4] (Optional, but we'd love you for it) Add Infinity Wars to your Steam Library. Select "Games" from the top menu. Select "Add a non-steam game to my library. Select "Browse" and then select the "Infinity Wars.exe". Finally, select "Add selected programs".

This will help passively build the community.

5] Wait just a little bit longer for your confirmation e-mail. ALL accounts eligible for Beta Access will be granted their access within the following 24 hour time period as we go through all of the new accounts and users to verify authenticity.

That's all! As stated in step 5, beta access will be sent via email to ALL eligible accounts over the next 24 hours.

Btw, we also still have our Steam Greenlight campaign where you can help us get Infinity Wars on their network.

Here is a list of currently active media hubs for you to join if you feel so inclined:

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/V7B8Ao


Steam Greenlight: {LIEN SUPPRIMÉ}

Indiegogo: {LIEN SUPPRIMÉ}


We need your help in spreading the word about this project as so many of you have helped us get this far. Feel free to "Tag" us in any facebook "Shares" or "Posts" about Infinity Wars by typing it @Infinity Wars and clicking on the link that pops up to our page in order to "Tag" us in the post. Do the same on twitter as well!

We have many new great features coming out over the coming week:

*Friends list

*Trading and Direct Battling

*The Card Shop is fully operational and you can begin building your collection however you choose.

*All new fully 3 dimensional graphics enhancing the battlefield and your faction.

Again we thank you so much for your patience as this has been a very long time coming. The time is nigh, the rifts have opened. The Infinity Wars have begun, what faction will you choose?

James Jones - Community Creator

Lightmare Studios & Infinity Wars