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12 marzo 2015 - Refract

This week we've been chosen to be a Daily Deal on Steam! If you missed it up until now, Distance will be 33% off for only 10 more hours (ending 10am PST on Friday). If you know someone who’s been waiting for a sale make sure to let them know today!

Get Distance 33% off (until Friday 10am PST):

24 dicembre 2014 - Refract

(Screenshot from Da Ham/Krispy's level "Rats_Christmas." And yes, that's in-game)

Today marks the final day of the Distance Advent Calendar[], a community-run event where track creators have been sharing incredible new level creations each day this month. The 24th and final level of the event was shared today, so we’d like to take a moment to play through every Distance Advent Calendar level shared this month! There might even be a couple interesting surprises… We hope to see you there!

Watch us play Distance Advent Calendar levels LIVE! (4pm PST / 7pm EST / 1am CET):

10 dicembre 2014 - Refract

After 2.5 years of development including a Kickstarter campaign, Greenlight campaign, private alpha, and private beta, Distance is available for everyone on Steam Early Access! The reaction to the current beta build has been phenomenal, and in our first day we somehow found our way into the Top Sellers list! Thanks to everyone that took a moment to help us spread the word yesterday!

Reddit AMA: TODAY at 1pm PST / 4pm EST

Today at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 10pm CET a few of us will be answering questions about Distance on Reddit! Visit the link below to be redirected to the AMA (ask me anything) page when it goes live at 1pm PST! Until then it'll redirect to the Distance subreddit (r/Distance).

Reddit AMA (1pm PST):

Twitch Stream: TODAY at 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Following the Reddit AMA we'll take a break and then we'll be streaming community levels and multiplayer for a while on Twitch! Follow refractstudios on Twitch to be instantly notified when we go live!

Refract Twitch stream (4pm PST):

Pre-ordered and looking for your Steam key?

In August, we released the private beta to all Kickstarter backers and anyone that had pre-ordered up until that point. For all of those details you can read that post here.

Long story short, all backers can now use Humble Bundle's key resender to access your download page for DRM-free builds and a Steam key. To be clear, you'll never have to buy the game again as your Steam key will work for forever and we'll continue to update the DRM-free builds!

Use this Humble key resender if you need a key:

Creation of the PAX arcade cabinet (album)

I also finally posted a breakdown of the creation of the arcade cabinet from PAX if you'd like to check it out! This was just the prototype for the two cabinets we'll be building for the two $10,000 tier backers. When we build the next couple I hope to take even more photos/videos.

DIY music-synced arcade racing cabinet:

Going Forward

Right now we're incredibly busy with all of the small details of the release like responding to all of the emails/messages we've received, but we're keeping an eye on everyone's feedback for the latest build. There are a lot of directions we could go for our next update so we'll be looking for what sounds exciting and go from there.

Now that the big release is somewhat out of the way I'm excited to write more about actual development (feature/content creation) in future updates again. This has been the craziest ride of our lives, and the train isn't stopping for a while. Since I can't say it enough, thanks as always for the feedback, encouragement, patience, and passion that has fueled this development!

We hope to see you at the Reddit AMA and Twitch streams in just a little bit!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

6 dicembre 2014 - Refract

The Steam Early Access release is only 3 DAYS AWAY!! We've pulled some of the craziest all-nighters of this development getting things ready, and we're so excited that it's less than 72 hours away!

Pre-order until December 9th to get 25% off!

We've decided to bump up the price of Early Access to $20 (from the original Kickstarter price of $15). Until December 9th you can still pre-order the beta for $15, so if you know someone who's interested they might want to jump in at the lower price. The public beta will be available to anyone that pre-ordered Distance on December 9th!

Get it while it's hot!

Screenshot Competition! Your Favorite #DistanceMoment

This weekend we're doing a small competition leading up to the release on Steam! The winners (5 to be exact) will each win 2 copies of the Distance Deluxe tier on Humble Bundle! You can gift them to a couple friends or keep them all to yourself.

To win, simply upload a screenshot of Distance to Imgur[], Facebook, or Twitter that represents one of your favorite moments in the beta. It could be from Adventure mode, multiplayer, getting wrecked by a laser, or even using the level editor!

To take a screenshot you can use the Steam screenshot feature (by default you can press F12 while in-game), press PrintScreen on your keyboard if available, or use a program like FRAPS[].

You have until 11:59PM PST TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH to share your #DistanceMoment! Later next week we'll review our favorites and post the winners in another update. Be prepared for us to contact you via Imgur, Facebook, or Twitter with details on how to claim your prize!

  • When sharing use the hashtag "#DistanceMoment" so that it's easy for us to find it.
  • Your screenshot must be an original screenshot captured by you.
  • Your Distance screenshot must be shared publicly on Imgur, Twitter, and/or Facebook to qualify.
  • You can share as many #DistanceMoments as you like!
  • Refract developers will look through all of the shared screenshots and pick our five personal favorites (as shared by five separate individuals).
  • The creators of the top five winning #DistanceMoments will each win 2 copies of the Distance Deluxe package via Humble Bundle (see more details at
  • While it doesn't directly increase you chances of winning, massive kudos if you use a GIF to share your moment!

Distance Advent Calendar

Finally, I wanted to again mention this month's Distance Advent Calendar. As a game player (let alone a creator) I've really never seen anything like this before. The Distance community is coming together to pour incredible passion and organization into releasing a new level (and often times a wallpaper) EVERY SINGLE DAY leading up to Christmas.

Even if you don't play each level (which I highly recommend you do), definetely take a moment to check out the impressive designs released so far! Check out the full thread of levels and wallpapers here[].

Video: Distance Track Showcase: Colliding Worlds by Krispy

Video: DAC 2 - Nitro Sleigh Ride[]

Video: Distance: "Detection" Custom Level

Workshop: Distance East (by Da Ham)

Workshop: The Greenhouse (by Quargzon)

Finally, Distance on PS4!

As many of you may have heard, we also announced this week that Distance will be coming to the Playstation 4! We're obviously still focused on the Steam Early Access release in the short term but this should be something interesting to watch out for down the road.

Playstation Blog: Can You Survive the Distance on PS4?[]

We'll also be showing Distance at Playstation Experience this weekend! It's the first event Sony has ever done like this so it's definitely interesting to be a part of the first year. If you'll be in Las Vegas this weekend for PSX drop by our booth in the indie area!

For a brief update on game development, Kyle and Jason have been adding some impressive new features to the level editor as well as improving tons of loose ends. Chin created amazing new art for the Steam page. Eddie and Laura have greatly improved some of the story-centric art in Adventure mode. Finally, Ellie and I have been working to get the word out about Early Access to press.

We can't wait to see your #DistanceMoments this weekend! I'll be back with another update very soon so keep watching that inbox!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

25 novembre 2014 - Refract
We're insanely excited to finally let this one out of the bag. Distance will be coming to Steam Early Access on December 9th! That's just two weeks away! Above is the latest trailer in glorious 60fps 1080p which shows off the latest multiplayer action along with some new story mode teasers. We really spent some time on this one, I hope you enjoy it!

In short, the better Distance does on Steam Early Access the bigger and crazier we can make the game. You can help out a ton simply by sharing the video above! Click the links below to easily share with friends!

We'll be back soon with more stuff about the Steam Early Access release and other crazy stuff happening in December so keep an eye on your inbox! Until then let us know what you think of the trailer, and if you're celebrating Thanksgiving this week we hope you have a tasty holiday break!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

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