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Three Dead Zed
October 24, 2014 - Gentleman Squid Studio

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Zombies can get smarter! We’re proud to announce that Three Dead Zed has been updated to version 3.5. We’ve added a laundry list of features that are listed below. In the spirit of the Halloween season, we’re also reducing the price by 50%. But hurry because this is a limited time offer!

Now for some extra fun! For the next three weeks, we are giving away $200 worth of Steam Gift Cards (we’ll email you the code) . For the first week, there is no purchase necessary to win. But you know you want play Three Dead Zed - this is a lighthearted game featuring people dying by a cold-hearted monster!

Contest 1
This is the easiest way to enter. Between Oct 24 and Oct 31, 2014, Help spread the word of Three Dead Zed’s discount. Tweet, “Lighthearted zombie game, Three Dead Zed, is currently discounted 50% at #Halloween3DZ @gentleman_squid”

OR Instagram this image (
with the same text. We’ll randomly draw two names on November 1 to win a Steam code worth $20.

Contest 2
This is the most fun way to enter. Own Three Dead Zed for a chance to win more Steam cash! Buy the game anywhere you want, but it has to have a Steam activation to be eligible. We’ll announce this contest on our various social media sites on October 31 for Halloween. (Hint: It’s an in-game scavenger hunt)

Contest 3
We’ll announce how to win on November 7. You’re going to need brush up your skills for this contest, so be sure to get some good playtime under your belt!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Braaaains

Three Dead Zed Patch Notes for v3.5
(Linux update has been pushed back to next week)

Player Character

  • Classic” zombie character speed increased roughly 11%
    • “USE” command improved to have in-game buttons and switches register more efficiently
    • “USE” command has new animation added
  • “Sprinter” zombie character speed decreased roughly 10%

  • 4 new achievements added
  • Statistic tracking added
    • Total play time for main campaign (not including pausing the game or in-game cinematics)
    • Total play time for challenge stages
    • Displaying stage secrets available or found
    • Total deaths
  • “RESET” button has been added to enable players to replay the game improving stats.
    • Achievements and challenge stages unlocked are retained

Game Environment
  • Various stage balances and improvements made based off player feedback and observations
  • Elevators have graphical tracks added improving player distance gauging
  • “Respawn” added to “Pause Menu” in the rare event of getting trapped
  • Buzzsaws hit boxes corrected
  • Buzzsaws graphically improved to be “part of the world” in alignment with game’s perspective
  • Various graphical decoration enhancements
  • Various text corrections
  • New “easter egg”

  • New sound effects for jumping, guns, patrol robot, and strong zombie
  • New narration for Factory logs along with new story
  • Various audio levels increased
  • Sound “pops” cleared

  • Save game file encryption
  • Credits updated

April 4, 2014 - Gentleman Squid Studio

Wow! Finally starting to calm down from the excitement of yesterday’s Greenlight announcement and get back to providing updates. A huge “Thank you!” goes out to all those who took time to consider Three Dead Zed for Steam. We’ve attended various conferences showcasing Three Dead Zed and the show of support has been amazing. It’s always a joy for us to witness people enjoying their experience and laughing (for the right reasons) at our games.

We are currently working on adding new features to Three Dead Zed including a new ending, level tweaks, key bindings, steam trading cards, and achievements. Before a Steam release, we need to test this version of the game on more PC configurations, including SteamOS, in an effort to make your first experience with the game an enjoyable one, as intended.

As stated previously, if you bought the game from another store, you will get a code for the Steam version (assuming Valve’s policy doesn’t change). Your early support is very appreciated.

In the mean time, please vote for these games we feel need some attention.

Metal Dead:
This adventure game is great and really funny. It won quite a bit of awards and deserves to be on Steam.

Awesome action game from a very cool development team.

Rise of the Ravager:
Our own little shout out. :) Please check the demo for yourselves! We feel you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you once again for your time!
- Fabian, Gentleman Squid Studio

April 23, 2013 - Gentleman Squid Studio

We never forgot about Linux users! Because of such a long wait, we're taking 75% off for a limited time at Take you for your patience and your support! Enjoy!

December 19, 2012 - Gentleman Squid Studio

We are gamers through and through and think it's very cool to expand our audience. Three Dead Zed has been recently released to the Xbox Indie Market! In celebration for this and the holidays, we have discounted Three Dead Zed 40% off making it $3 accross all platforms for a limited time. You can also now buy directly from us at if you desire. As a reminder, in the event we are Greenlit, everyone who buys 3DZ will get a steam code. That includes xbox purchases. :)

In other news, we are still looking into porting Three Dead Zed - Enhanced Edition to Linux and Mac, so please bear with us. Things are transitioning slowly, but it's happening. However, the original release (Version 1.5) is still available for Linux through or

Please follow us on twitter and facebook as we have some pretty cool announcements and prizes to give away.

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