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Humans Must Answer
16 de janeiro de 2014 - DISHTY

The day has come at last. Humans Must Answer is now available to purchase on Steam:

We're very excited to have our little shmup on Steam, so thanks to everyone who voted for our game on Greenlight! We did it!

Added Features

As we have had some time to work on Humans Must Answer since it was first released in July last year, we've added and changed a couple of elements of the game based on feedback we've received.

First off, the game now has checkpoints! Yep, people kept complaining that the game was too hard and tiresome, so we've added checkpoints that should make it more enjoyable.

Secondly, the easier difficulties of the game have been made a little easier. It turns out that our passion for retro shmups meant that we were being a little too harsh on players, so we've made it a little more friendly. It also takes a few less golden eggs to unlock levels on the easier difficulties. If you still want a challenge, though, the harder difficulties are still there, as brutal as ever.

Lastly, the game now has Steam achievements and Steam cloud saving! We had a little bit of fun coming up with some achievements for you all to aim for while playing the game. Hopefully you have just as much fun trying to earn them. The saving just means you can transfer saves across Steam supported machines.

Spread the word!

We've already asked a lot of you, and we are extremely grateful for the support we've received so far. So thanks once again for all of your help.

Being cheeky, we'd love it if you could help us spread the word about Humans Must Answer being available on Steam. Please tell any gaming websites you read and YouTubers you watch to ask us for a Steam code so they can cover it, too!

Oh, and if you could leave us a user review on the Steam page (at the bottom), that would be excellent!

Thanks once again for all the support. Humans Must Answer wouldn't be where it is now without your kindness.

Sumom Games

19 de setembro de 2013 - DISHTY

Wow, it actually happened. Our little horizontal shmup, Humans Must Answer, has been Greenlit!


It happened yesterday, September 18th. We were given the big thumbs up from Valve along with 24 other games. It's such a good batch of games too.

We are so honored! Thanks to everyone who has supported us, on Greenlight and outside of it.

We're now working on optimizing Humans Must Answer for Steam, making some improvements on the game based on the feedback we've had since release.

We'd love to say when you can expect to see Humans Must Answer on Steam, but we're not sure ourselves yet. We'll be busy working away as fast as we can to ensure it's as soon as possible, though. We'll keep you updated, and once again, thank you!

Sumom Games

22 de julho de 2013 - DISHTY

Hello humans!

Have you heard those giddy tunes bouncing around in our little shmup? Have you!?

Well, you can now purchase the full soundtrack from our wonderful musician, Morgan David King, for just $5. Head over to Bandcamp to give it a listen and to purchase for your music-playing devices!

11 de julho de 2013 - DISHTY

Hey, hey, little humans!

Today is the day you answer/get destroyed by angry space chickens.

Humans Must Answer is now available over on with a launch discount[]!

Or you can buy it directly from us through the Humble Store[].

Good luck humans, you'll need it. For every leg, every nugget, every wing--humans must answer!

5 de julho de 2013 - DISHTY

Oi! Yeah, you. Humans Must Answer is coming out on July 11th for Windows PCs completely DRM-free over on for just $10. You got that? Oh, and it will also be purchasable directly from the developers through the Humble Store at the same price.

What is it?

It's Humans Must Answer! You know, a classic 2D space shooter set in the distant future...with lots of explosions! It's inspired heavily by R-Type and Jets 'N' Guns.

You play as the pilot on board my scout ship, the trusty Golden Eagle, which is manned by a crew of intelligent and dangerous chickens. Together we'll shoot our way through the Solar System blowing up everything that gets in our way, and that includes humans and robots.

Here's a taste of the gameplay:

Have a features list too:

• Eye popping explosions and a spectacular destruction system
• Combine weapons to devastating effect and deploy drone turrets
• Non-intrusive narrative that is integrated into the gameplay
• Shop with a large number of upgrades for the ship and weapons
• Tough boss battles that require thought as well as quick reactions
• Secrets to discover and hidden eggs to collect but often at a risk

Now you know what it is, I hope to see you bright and early on July 11th and we'll get to annihilating those humans. We good? Alright then. This has been Colonel Ram speaking and don't you forget it!

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