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Humans Must Answer
18. März 2013 - DISHTY

We've released a beta demo and would love for you all to try it out! Please note that nothing is final in this demo and, in fact, we're already making a number of changes and additions based on feedback we've received thus far.

Please go and play it, though, and offer us comments and suggestions based on your first impressions of Humans Must Answer.

There are four levels in total, and a number of the story elements are missing - it will feel like you just jump in and won't know these characters. The main thing to concentrate on is the gameplay at this point, which is an element we're still tweaking and hope to be even smoother soon.

Downloads [WINDOWS ONLY] (Extract .rar first and then double click the .exe):

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/22im8gyalc58meu/HMADEMO.rar

Website: http://sumomgames.com/load-HMADEMO.rar

If you encounter a crash upon starting the game up then a solution can be found in this update post on Kickstarter.

If that doesn't work then email objora@sumomgames.com with details of the issue. Please include the "Log" from the game root folder too.


13. März 2013 - DISHTY


Today, a message was intercepted by satellites based on Jupiter's Advanced Astronomical Science Wing that respected scientists and orbital governments are deeming a "threat to humanity". It read as the following:

"Calling all humans! We have a number of your most important figures held hostage and we will destroy not only their lives, but that of your entire species if our demands are not met. Simply enough, if £5,000 is not pledged to the Humans Must Answer Kickstarter in the next 30 days then you shall perish under the might of our superior avian force.

We've collected three spokespersons from the hostages we've rounded up thus far, and they have the following to say:

"Yes, it does indeed look like a proper shmup in the most classic of manners and does come complete with some fantastic graphics and lots and lots of explosions." - http://indiegames.com/2012/10/trailer_humans_must_answer_sum.html

"But eggstraterrestrials galaxy-faring coop-flyers are – believe it or not – only part of what makes Humans Must Answer intriguing. The other half of that equation, then, is the oh-so-silly shmup’s pedigree." - Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun

"There’s more to Humans Must Answer than simply blasting everything out of the skies, as you must creatively use your weaponry to take down seemingly unreachable enemies and trip switches in order to progress forward through the game." - Alex Coccia, Greenlit Gaming[greenlitgaming.com]


The threat is being taken very seriously, especially as radars are picking up an unusual mass of sudden movement at a distant point in the galaxy. It is thought that this could be the source of the message and may indicate a huge armada heading for our Solar System.

Humanity is being instructed by authorities to carry on life as normal but to be aware of and spread the message around in order to raise the funds necessary for our survival. Give what you can; our existence relies upon your compliance.


17. Januar 2013 - DISHTY




With the danger of living in today's Solar System, all you really want is to be around likeminded people, a comfortable home and the latest technology to make your life as easy as it possibly can be. Right? Located on and around the always sunshine-happy Uruk Sulcus region on Ganymede, New Uruk is a new kind of city for exciting people - one that welcomes you with open arms and guarantees that all of your needs can be catered within a kilometer radius.

Since its inception, New Uruk has become the commercial and domestic heart of the galaxy. There's no place quite like it! Being situated right next to the huge scientific laboratories around Jupiter means that the very latest innovative breakthroughs are delivered to, sometimes even tested on, the denizens of New Uruk. You can be ahead of all the technological trends to ensure that your apartment is kitted out with the most plush metallic wares. If you are into your science, then you'll be excited to hear that you'll be just minutes away from all of the biggest fairs and expos - tech heads and cyborgs will fit right in here!

New Uruk is also one of the cleanest human cities of today's great age! This is partly due to making use of our huge Solar Sails to bring electricity 24/7 to everyone located in three of the city's four huge quadrants, but also because all other resources are imported from Mars. You'll find no quarries here!

Worried about crime in the big city? Fear not, for New Uruk has the best police force that humankind has ever known. Led by the formidable Sheriff Gilgamesh, our police units use the latest search and tracking technology to chase up any crime they don't deal with on the spot with a 99% chance of justice being served!

We can't wait to hand over your new apartment in our exciting city! We're sure you'll fit right in as all personalities are served, ensuring you can live your life of pleasure with no worries. Sign up today!

And remember, always wear your Sun Screen!

27. November 2012 - DISHTY

Mars. The industrial heart of the Solar System. Feeds on the ghosts of its laborers.

We've now created Mars and the above is what it looks like :D

Below is a little description of the planet and the kind of culture surrounding it.

Ah the Red Planet, Mars.

Humans have always been highly curious of Mars and due to this it was the first planet they successfully colonized. Though mere exploration and scientific achievement was their purpose for expanding to Mars, it wasn't long until the planet became a mass mining facility. The interest to humans was its natural resources embedded in the ice and rich soils. Resource extraction on Mars drew a huge commercial facility and as it was clear this was to be the planet's main use to them, they didn't think twice about blowing large holes out to get at that precious helium and hydrogen.

Carving away towards the planet's center, the humans left a city in their wake for the laborers and their families to reside in. Those who live here are usually born on Mars and die on Mars; barely knowing anything beyond the hard life of a miner. If you ever find yourself flying around Mars you'll see masses of cargo trains carrying highly explosive materials to the terrestrial colonies on Jupiter and the many space stations that humans populate in the nearby zones.

As well as finishing the look of Mars off, we also have a new track from the game and combined the two into a video that you can watch here.

Thanks for supporting us. Keep spreading the word!

13. November 2012 - DISHTY

Our latest blog post comes from the game writer and PR fellow here at Sumom Games (yes I'm writing about myself in the third person), Chris Priestman, who tackles the role of Game Writers and how he has been tailoring the narrative of Humans Must Answer.

You can read the full blog post over on Gamasutra: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/ChrisPriestman/20121112/181416/Writing_For_A_Genre_That_Doesnt_Welcome_Words.php

Concerning how we're experimenting with narrative in Humans Must Answer, as outlined in the blog, we're ensuring that the true flow a shmup should have is maintained at all times. The narrative is always present but it never interferes. In truth, you could almost completely ignore it, but if you want to find out more about the game's fiction and unlock the hidden knowledge and secrets within, there's plenty there to keep you working and puzzling over. The way the secret world of Fez unfolds is a big influence!

Here's a noteworthy extract from the blog:

"If Humans Must Answer wasn't a scrolling shooter then things may be a little easier. It's not though so ideas of free exploration have mostly been scrapped; though not entirely. Secret areas as a reward for those who pay attention to the story elements in the gameplay is one thing we've decided to include. Players create parts of the narrative by choosing which paths through the levels they'd like at times too. Another ingredient is having multiple endings, or at least, having two versions of the ending that invoke further answers and replays of the game to be sought. Clues about the game's events and story are hidden everywhere, even within the menus. So we've utilized as much of the game space as we can, but what about the core gameplay? Due to the constantly scrolling nature of many shmups and of Humans Must Answer to be specific, the space to tell a story is extremely tight. As previously mentioned, we don't want to pause the action to tell the story. So even if we do fit it in, then it's bound to be very cramped as it's most likely forced to sit alongside intensive action scenes so as to inform them.

In this I've had to accept that the story can be easily ignored, not out of spite but because the player's attention has to be on the enemies and the disposal of them quite often. Rather than fighting the gameplay for attention, I've had to accept integrating my narrative signifiers directly into the action, or in a purposely subtle way so as to intrigue rather than tell directly. This is partly why they remain simple and/or very obvious outside of the tutorial levels, in which I'm able to insert some small sentences. Mostly these signifiers boil down to parts of the background image, prominent symbols, hidden paths, graffiti, interruptions in broadcasts, small animations to convey behaviour and moments of downtime. The latter has been especially interesting to consider, especially in something as action-packed as a scrolling shmup. We hope that giving the player some time, even a few seconds, to reflect and look around should cause them to engage with the surrounding narrative at key moments. They should start questioning a few things and that is where the key lies for us, as with questions emerges the pursuit of answers (note the game's title)."

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