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18 marzo 2017 - nitrome

Nitrome have a new game we are making called Bomb Chicken which we are trying to Greenlight here:

We would appreaciate your vote to make this happen!

For all those waiting for Flightless I am sad to say that it has not been worked on for a long time. It initially got reluctantly put on hold as it stalled in the Greenlight process and Nitrome focused their attention instead on mobile projects. When it out of the blue was Greenlit we were not in a good place to go back to making games for Steam as we had built momentum on mobile and could not stretch ourself to do both. We have grown since then and now feel we're ready to broaden our scope to again tackle Steam.

For the moment we are still not ready to consider picking Flightless back up as a lot of things have changed in that time, most notably we now use Unity rather than flash and many of he Nitrome staff have moved on to pastures new. We are not ruling out picking the project back up (particularly if we can find a following on a Steam) but for the moment our focus is on Bomb Chicken and we hope you can support us to 'finally' get our first game on the platform.

For those of you sad by the news please do check out Bomb Chicken as it actually has a lot of similarities with Flightless. Both star Flightles birds using a magic power to overcome that limitation and as a versatile tool and weapon. Both games are also set in a beautifully drawn pixel art dungeon.

Thanks for your support.

27 giugno 2013 - nitrome

Hi Everyone!

aswell as PC Nitrome is also getting into mobile and our first game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage hit the app store and is doing pretty well in the charts :) (top ten most counties) Thanks to everyone who has already bought it and to everyone who has not checked it out yet please support us if you can:

The Nitrome Team.

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