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Frozen Hearth
October 24, 2013 - Immanitas Entertainment

Just to clarify and confirm:
everybody who purchased the latest Greenlight Bundle at Groupees including Frozen Hearth gets a FREE Steam key once Frozen Hearth gets greenlit.

October 2, 2013 - Morgan from Epiphany

So now we are number 37 in Greenlight, thanks for everyone voting for us. We would love to get this game on Steam. We think you would like to play it. If you haven't voted for us or thought you would wait till later; Please give us your vote now. We are an ambitious studio with big plans for the future.
If you did vote for us, thank you again.

September 4, 2013 - Morgan from Epiphany

Firstly, thanks to all the players who have voted us so far, it's a long and hard road littered with bodies of many many many of the hopes and dreams of Indi teams in the land of Greenlight.

We are closer and closer to getting a Greenlight, maybe. We are number 70. I don't know if Steam is going to Greenlight another 100 games or not. What we do know is that we still need votes. We also now have acess to Steams API and it does a fair amount of things that will help this game become better and would have been great. Players who bought the game on other platforms or buy the game on other platforms, we will give you Steam keys so you can have the game in Steam if you wish. I know most of you already have Steam and, say, Desura. We have a discussion started about Steam features if you want to post your opinions there that would be great. As we are a small team, picking and choosing what we do is important.

July 21, 2013 - Morgan from Epiphany

Thanks EVERYONE for coming by our booth and playing Frozen Hearth along with the other games we had on display. It was really great to see the reaction of players to our games, this why we make games. It's good to see that you enjoyed playing our games and gave us great feeback. Its our goal to get Frozen Hearth through Steam. It's out now, and if you can't wait that's cool, you can get it at a variety of online stores. But for those of you who liked our other games on display as promissed here are links.

TownCraft - Flat Earth Games are a small group of dedicated indidevlopers who have made the best crafting game in Australian history. This game is so huge once you start playing it you will get your money's worth in spades. We supported the Towncraft Team during the 2 year development.

Here you go TownCraft

Runic Rumble
Developed by Epiphany Games and 8th Legion, this was our first co-development. We did a fair amount of animation on this one and lots of testing. We are extreamly proud of this game, and we know it brings some great game play to iOS.

Read about it here, and just search for Runic Rumble.

May 14, 2013 - Morgan from Epiphany

Check out this interview with Sam going into some details about the game and the process

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