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Thank you so very much
26 de novembro de 2012 - Headup Games

Dear players, this is an edit to the previous announcement. We kindly thank you for your support in getting this game high enough in the GL charts and now the dream has come true. We will soon move towards the release and until then, we humbly bow down before the power of community.

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252 comentário(s)
Rocky 28/ago/2013 às 9:46 
You still have the download? Great! :) :rflower:
.. 8/jul/2013 às 14:04 
Thank you. Made an upvote. :)
F O E 22/mai/2013 às 19:23 
What a great gesture! Thanks you guys! This is awesome :)
TheMiltonator 21/abr/2013 às 20:48 
This is actually a good game guys keep it up
bilingue 21/abr/2013 às 20:04 
Great game, good work guys :)
Lordaros 19/fev/2013 às 15:31 
got it on my galaxy love it just have to have it on PC fantastic puzzle game
Headup Games 13/fev/2013 às 8:08 
@Thirteen Actually it is pretty much locked at #45 of the Top 100. Needs about 10.000 more votes we estimate.
isize 12/fev/2013 às 10:35 
Oh GOD I just say one word,

Murloc 8/fev/2013 às 5:21 
I don't know why this hasn't made the top 100 its a fantastic game!
I3lackI3eard 3/jan/2013 às 10:12 
Simply awesome concept. Give the game away for free before selling it on Steam. I implore anyone who downloads this gem to vote positively for it if you have any honor what so ever.