Ce jeu est maintenant disponible sur Steam !

Merci d'avoir aidé ce jeu à être distribué sur Steam. De plus amples informations ainsi qu'un lien vers la page du magasin Steam sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Greenlight est en passe d'être retiré. Référez-vous à cet article du blog pour plus d’informations sur la publication des jeux sur Steam.
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217 commentaires
DaNyan 22 juil. 2014 à 4h03 
congrats! :rbiggrin:
Draknek  [créateur] 21 juil. 2014 à 14h49 
Aaand it's out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/290260

Thanks for your support!
Draknek  [créateur] 14 juil. 2014 à 15h10 
Release date announced! It's coming to Steam next week on July 21st: http://store.steampowered.com/app/290260
SparksV 2 juil. 2014 à 16h35 
I really hope it'll be released soon, just hope it's before autumn
thefunkygibbon 18 juin 2014 à 12h41 
so whens this out on steam then??
wingzero5555 11 juin 2014 à 22h04 
Any news on an update?
Grijando 24 mai 2014 à 18h13 
Any news? Would love to play this on Steam!
Pianfensi 23 mars 2014 à 2h42 
Pianfensi 12 mars 2014 à 5h18 
Bought it. It's amazing. Love it! You learn something while puzzling. Now a Steam key please :)
Draknek  [créateur] 22 déc. 2013 à 11h33 
@Gerald Sorry, not yet :( We were hoping to release in January but stuff's held it up so it might well be later.
Gerald 10 déc. 2013 à 6h44 
Any word on a Steam release date?:offspring:
mechturk 23 nov. 2013 à 20h45 
Congratulations on getting greenlit, guys. :)
wanderlands  [créateur] 14 nov. 2013 à 4h40 
Yes, anyone who's bought (or will buy) the game will get a Steam key! :)
Mad Stalker 14 nov. 2013 à 1h52 
If we've already purchased do we get a steam key? It's all about the steam keys ;)
Gerald 14 nov. 2013 à 1h30 
Congrats on getting greenlit. I've been playing your game since the "not on steam sale" and having a blast :)
ShoeUnited 12 nov. 2013 à 18h03 
Puzzles and Chemistry? Sign me up.
Siknex 3 nov. 2013 à 13h36 
I'm interested in this game after reading EDGE magazine's review. I hope we can play it soon here!
Eden Chen 2 nov. 2013 à 19h23 
s_d 29 oct. 2013 à 23h54 
Thank you for committing to Linux! It really does mean a lot, at least to some of us. :-)
PaddyWhack 23 oct. 2013 à 13h32 
i tried this at game city today! so cool
KU_ 13 oct. 2013 à 1h43 
I love this game :D:
k. 10 oct. 2013 à 20h13 
Like Casual game)
Mahentoo 8 oct. 2013 à 22h05 
Puzzle :)
FingerMyAnalCavity 8 oct. 2013 à 5h25 
what a great idea for a game!
RRCM (Rico) 6 oct. 2013 à 11h34 
Voted up :D:
trolles 4 oct. 2013 à 23h49 
Subdued War 4 oct. 2013 à 21h22 
Greta game, have been engrossed ever since I bought it. Protip: If you need a hint, look up the structure for the molecule you're working on. The format is CxHxNxOx.
DaNyan 3 oct. 2013 à 21h51 
instaboughtits :B1:
BreadTh 3 oct. 2013 à 3h05 
The video needs more gameplay footage, but it looks good other than that - I found a lets play video and that convinced me that i wanted the game :)
felixwunderlichgames 2 oct. 2013 à 9h24 
Gets my vote :)
Thantastic 2 oct. 2013 à 8h25 
Looks fun. Up voted!
Frogdice 2 oct. 2013 à 8h07 
Indie devs gotta stick together! Go Greenlight! :)

brought here by the Not on Steam sale!
Whispererindarkness 26 sept. 2013 à 15h04 
Looks interesting.
wwbjd 17 sept. 2013 à 9h20 
Nice and simple. Upvoted!
Ken Ballus 16 sept. 2013 à 18h52 
great game.
mdkmya 12 sept. 2013 à 8h20 
I played this game at PAX Prime and loved it! I hope it gets Greenlit!
[Hobid Roon] 10 sept. 2013 à 7h45 
looks awesome, hope it gets through and isn't to expensive :D
[Hobid Roon] 10 sept. 2013 à 7h42 
Northernlion made a great video about that game, i think Para Deluxes Link leads you to it:
Ogre Magikarp 7 sept. 2013 à 17h54 
Played at PAX and had to buy it
Pyronar 7 sept. 2013 à 14h18 
An interesting twist on the Sokoban formula.
Gorealchemist 7 sept. 2013 à 11h02 
Shaka1277 7 sept. 2013 à 0h16 
4th year chemistry student, so this game really interests me! When you say it'll be released on PC *and* mac, is that Steamplay? I have a bunch of games on my MBP for when I'm travelling, so this would be a nice addition :)
smug 6 sept. 2013 à 18h57 
looks great
PirateRy 6 sept. 2013 à 18h00 
I'm entering University as a Chemistry student this year and would love to have this game :D (I know of your game thanks to Northernlion)
Padies 6 sept. 2013 à 16h37 
Northernlion brought me here :beatmeat:!
Dano 6 sept. 2013 à 15h43 
loved it from NorthernLion's show. I would buy this
ZoidbergForPresident 6 sept. 2013 à 13h45 
Hey, Northernlion's let's look at made me change my mind! I may even buy this eventually! :D